Season 2 - thoughts, ideas, and expectations

An excellent first season has has just concluded, and it was amazing.  Now that most of the first seasons mysteries have been solved, it seems to play as a prologue to something bigger.  Where do you think the show is going from here? Will we see any of the remaining humans(Felix, Sylvester, Lee)?  Is there any way notorious M.I.B. dosnt get killed by the robot army? Are Elsie and Stubbs being held somewhere alive, ready to escape? Interesting that we get a cold ending, we never see Willam-MIB or Charlotte actually die.  Seems like a lot of implied deaths in this show? Also seems like the location of the park might actually matter?  Give me your ideas - I love the tinfoil! 


  • I just hope they don't go backwards.  The bots are sentient, killing people, and by most accounts taking over the park.  Don't pump the brakes like they're only sentient-ish and maybe there's still code that can fix everything.  Things are fucked now and it's a brave new world.  If they're going to move laterally or change positions, I wouldn't mind seeing how "the board" deals with this.  Like season 2 of The Wire, change perspective on the same game.
  • F'in Ziggy.
  • My only fear is that HBO's contractual obligations to Lena Dunham will lead to some kind of bizarro discount Mariposa.
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  • I'm kind of hoping the next season will be set a considerable time after the events that we just saw - at least ten years. All of the likable human characters have been killed off (presumably) and I really have zero interest in seeing what Sizemore, Charlotte, and/or the Board (assuming any of them are alive) will be up to after all of this. It would be more fun to see an almost post-apocalyptic Westworld where the hosts have been fending for themselves for some time and have implemented a new hierarchy and set of rules for each other.
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  • I think Ed Harris is confirmed for season 2, so we will get a return of the Men In Black, or possibly his outside the park persona "Old William"
  • I would actually love to see the transitions and growth: Ignorance to knowledge to Lord of the Flies to society. How does someone like Dolores (woke) deal with Teddy (not-so-woke) and vice versa? Will there be classism amongst the hosts, and racism towards humans? How do the hosts deal with lying over periods of time? How will they deal with the power to defeat/kill/control humans? How about the power to coerce their fellow hosts (i.e. if someone with Maeve's super powered levels decides it's easier to rewrite someone's mind with new data instead of change it with logic/persuasion? My problem with all that exploration is it takes time, and I'm not sure how much time they have before outside humans come looking for their fellow humans.
  • I'm looking forward to Bernard finding his place in this world now that his connection to Ford has been severed and he's for the first time free to question his reality. He seemed a bit dazed and unsure of what to do from the time Maeve woke him up to the celebration and subsequent massacre. Will he continue to identify more with the humans because that's what he's always known himself to be? He will definitely want to remember what happened to Elsie so that he can deal with that. He also has to reconcile his role as the hosts' oppressor for all of these years and will maybe want to make up for that.

    Stubbs could ingratiate himself with the Ghost Nation and join them but I'm pretty sure that encounter was designed to take him out without any uncertainty. Even though Stubbs knows how to do his job efficiently, I'm not sure he is that cunning to turn the Ghost Nation situation around and keep himself alive. If Ford is dead, I don't see what role Stubbs or Elsie could play to make it worth his while to keep them alive. He needed them out of the way and to stop asking questions but he's definitely not bothered by murdering humans so why go through the trouble of keeping them alive.

  • Hey check out the season 2 teaser ... Ford's narrative takes a weird turn. And the robots look ... different.

  • If WW were a movie, I think what could follow is a war for independence as this typically follows a rebellion. I see a bit of a problem going in that direction in the TV format though unless they scale it down to focus on a few personal stories.

    I can see a couple issues going in this direction. I think season 1 took advantage of a unique factor about the bots (they live in a loop) and was able to pose some philosophical questions (because they were getting woke). It would seem that you can't use either of these in season 2. So it seems like it becomes a different kind of story at this point (more sci-fi, more action, love story, drama?).
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    I am really looking forward to season 2. If WW stays on lock down for the whole season as a fight for control / escape takes place it will be interesting to see how the sides breakdown, will we see some hosts side with the humans and vis versa? Which hosts / humans will try and bring order to the chaos? Will the trapped techs in the Mesa complex destroy equipment to prevent hosts from being built? Will the hosts become mortal? 
  • I'd like to see Maeve's experience in the world interacting with a more diverse sample of humans (not just wealthy park visitors or educated park employees)  How will Maeve evolve outside the park?  Not just by making mistakes, but acting on faith.  So far, Maeve has been motivated by a code to escape.  There is no code for after she escapes; what will be her motivation?

    The fight for control is interesting.  The humans are physically weaker and not as intelligent, but they have desire and motivation for control.  I'm still not sure what would motivate a robot.....maybe the need to get batteries recharged?  These robots don't age, don't need water/food/money.  What is the power of self realization without a need to fulfill, but a God like state/pure consciousness without a will.

    Dr. Ford, early on in the season, talked about when humans could now cure all diseases and that when they could raise the dead, it would signal the end of the species.  Makes sense, the primary drives of most humans are reproduction and adaptation.  If creating consciousness in the robots is giving life to dead, then that's the end Dr. Ford foreshadowed.

    But, Dr. Ford would also go on and on about the power of evolution through mistakes.  Human beings have a greater capacity to make mistakes than robots.

  • Finally the series has been shown in Germany, too. Yesterday the last two Episodes of season 1 aired.

    After thinking a bit about it (not yet listening to the final 3 BM-Pods) the Maeve-Storyline for season 2 might be the one that is the low-key most interesting one.

    Specifically the "Park 1" on her little piece of paper makes me thinking. Is "Westworld" Park 1? Is it "Samurai World"? Will the search for her daughter be finished in season 2? How will she adapt to the new power-shift in the park? Will she be Dolores' enemy or ally (or maybe some combination of both during the season(s), maybe even a mix of both at the same time)?

    I loved season 1 and hate I have to wait SO damn long (but at least not that long as you guys who watched it a few months ago).
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    I don't know if I'd like some Terminator-esque all out battle between hosts and humans, but I don't see where else this show is going. 

    I think that we're definitely going to have a leap forward of at least a few years, so the cast will likely consist of a majority of new actors. After the dust from the massacre has settled, perhaps most people will remain ignorant of the robots gaining sentience and simply write off the massacre as something the "psychopathic" Ford planned, and the hosts were just following orders. 

    This setting would still give us the intrigue of the hosts discovering and protecting their sentience, while also avoiding a cliche robots vs. human battle.
  • I want a very simple thing--a protagonist of any kind. The only person that seemed decent in season one ended up being the villain. The robots are supposed to be oppressed, but when the oppressors are apparently ALL horrible, awful, soulless people, and so are any sentient robots, to whom am I supposed to be connecting? I *hated* Maeve, not only because the idea of a perceptivity control bar is as ridiculous as the sensors in Star Trek, but because she is presented as being either a victim completely being puppeted by Dr. Ford, OR she is a fully independent being that is just as giant an asshole as every sentient being in that world. I couldn't sympathize with William's fall at all because they never showed anything of his real world goings on, and I'm sorry, but the "tweests are wonderful and essential" mentality was taken way too far in season one. To me, what was shown in 10 episodes could've been 6-7 super tight episodes, instead of the attempt to show the audience through repetition how awful life was in Westworld for the poor, poor hosts.

    The Walking Dead rightfully gets shit all the time for drawing things out into too many episodes, so let's bear that in mind next time another show drags its feet...
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    @Melia004 sums up a lot of my thoughts. I still haven't got round to a rewatch, but the longer I think about S1 the more I am disappointed in it.
    Maeve's storyline made Arya's seem good tv. Ford's actions seem both irrelevant (killing Bernard) and pointless (killing Elsie and Teresa).
    If there hadn't been the sleight of hand re MIB/ Dolores/ Bernard I'm not sure there would have been much of interest.
    If they can't play the same tricks again, what can they do in S2?
    My only straws to clutch at are that JN made a huge shift in Person of Interest, also a show about AI, from S1 to S3, so maybe he can do it again. But with more money and actor talent.
    Fingers crossed.
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