The Maze on the scalp? What was that all about? Theory

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I heard this mentioned on the podcast for Ep.10, here is my theory.

So early in the season, Ep. 2 I think, the MiB drags Kissy out of town and cuts off his scalp. This is where we see the Maze drawn on the inside of his scalp. It is not mentioned or revealed how or why it got there.

I am thinking that the reason the Maze was drawn there, and how the MiB knew it was there, is because the MiB put it there. At some point in the past, the MiB discovered this drawing of the Maze. It was etched in the ground or in some wood etc. However, the next time he came back, he could not find it again. Knowing that everything and everyone gets reset, he made a plan to ensure that he could always find it. He takes Kissy, kills him, cuts his scalp and peels it back, tattoos or scratches the Maze on the inside. Folds his scalp back and maybe sows it up. Then when Kissy is repaired and reset, that drawing of the Maze will always be there.



  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    It was an easter egg.  Game devs do sick shit like that all the time :)
  • That's an interesting one. I was with the guys in wondering what the hell happened to that whole bit. I originally thought it was something Arnold put that maze into a lot of hosts, and MIB was scalping different hosts each visit to get to it, but then that host would get repaired with a new scalp so he'd have to find a different host on the next visit. I thought he was scalping Dolores when he drags her into the barn in Ep 1, but discovered she didn't have it... so moved on to someone else, and that someone ended up being Kissie.

    What if Arnold/Ford put it there originally knowing that scalping would be part of different stories/loops and that it would then become picked up by the tribes as part of their lore? Kind of like the techs being deities, the maze would also work itself into the mythology and those stories would propagate throughout the hosts.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
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    I think it was also mentioned on Reddit that the actor who played Kissy had died shortly after filming. So the theory is there was supposed to be more with his story and why he had the maze. Especially considering he was Native American(?) and the natives had a whole backstory about the maze. But once he died the creators went another route and mixed that story in somewhere else.
  • I agree the actors death may have caused a problem, but he died after shooting.  Not during right?  I could be wrong.  So one way or another, MiB knew it was under there.  My guess is he put it there.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Like an artist's signature on a painting.
  • It was an easter egg.  Game devs do sick shit like that all the time :)

    I think I tend to side with this in the scope of how the show turned out. Ford was watching and guiding William the entire time we watched him.
  • jomihajomiha Springfield IL
    Man, I really didn't buy the whole maze thing in general. The symbolic nature of it... I get that it correlates to the theme of finding yourself, but I thought the handling of the origin of it was a bit of a letdown.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    cdrive said:

    Like an artist's signature on a painting.

    Agreed. They mentioned in an episode or two that there were still units built by Arnold in the park. I bet all the ones he made himself have that in there.
  • I assumed Ford knew all along that MIB was looking for the Maze, I mean he seemed to know everything.  So I'm thinking it was put there by Ford as a bread crumb for MIB, something to make him think it was more than what it was so he would continue with his mission.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    I think it was a bit of a red herring for the audience. We see this maze and we think it's a physical, literal maze to follow. What we don't realize is that we are already looking at end destination of the maze, the brain. The fact that the maze lies over the robot's mind, I am guessing was symbolic flair by writers that we couldn't yet understand. 

    But why is it physically there? Perhaps Arnold used to put that maze symbol over the mind of his robots as sort of sigil? Because peraphs Arnold is a pervayer of chaos magik? LOl, dunno. 
  • So the scalp was from an Newer Model bot, but was somehow the maze was put there by a man who died prior to the Bot being created.

  • it doesn't really make much sense.
  • AjasAjas Seattle, WA
    I'll chalk it up to the rewrite.

    I'm honestly just fine with them leaving these loose ends dangling... rather than try to come up with some half-cocked explanation in-universe which just ends up muddying the Dolores-Ford-Bernarnold-Maeve main narrative.

    In fact, I'll throw William, Logan and MiB into that same trash bin of stories I have no desire to find anything more about.
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  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
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    Im telling you. breadcrumbs for MIB.....and Us as an audience.  the same way we were suppose to be Identifying with Dolores with all the time switch scenes.  we were also led along MIB's trail with him, we were suppose to believe along with him that the maze was a real thing or place.  the drawing on Kissys scalp gave a sort of legitimacy to the maze.  we were meant to also feel let down at the same time MIB found out it was "not for us"  if iit meant nothing to the story at all, Nolan wouldnt have put it in a final cut
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