So I have a friend that just started watching and it just happens that there is a Westworld marathon going on right now. I've rewatched bits and pieces, but I'm surprised 1) how rewatchable it is for me and 2) some of the little dialogue that was overly missed early on. This ought be one of those shows where you go back and realize just how well they seeded the finale ;)


  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    Might be worthwhile.
    I've not found a show to be so interesting on first watch and so contradictory after thinking about it for five minutes.
    Maybe a marathon rewatch will help.
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  • Definitely not making it up as they go along. There were threads and bread crumbs left very early on. We do know that part of the reason they stopped production was to get a handle on the rules and what was going on (longterm). It seems I enjoy the show more now (having seen everything play out) and being able to catch the little things that were missed early on. Not everything will have an answer or be clear Season 1, but for the most part they have hit everything. It may not be up to one personal satisfaction, but that is a different "story".
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    Last rewatch I did was when our dudes rewatched GoT. It was honestly very satisfying and also mind blowing how much they, the showrunners, laid out there from the very get go. I think WW could be the same. But I'm not there yet. It took 6 seasons of GoT before a rewatch & really only because BM was going to podcast the missed seasons. I know that sounds like some toadie-ass ass kissing but it's true.

    I could totally see rewatching something cause a close bud is watching for the first time. Me though I'd probably be a total creeper staring with an anticipating smirk and demeanor that I'd definitely ruin it for the other person.
  • I think if this show had dropped like a Netflix show, all 10 episodes at once, it would have made a sick binge watch.  Which is what I will probably do during the the week before season 2 starts, because I'll probably have forgotten most of it by 2018. I find I enjoy the binge watch experience more, I waited till season 3 to start GOT, I watched season 1 and 2  over a weekend, it made me feel more engaged with the story.
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    I'm in my first rewatch.  It's MUCH better on second viewing (and I really liked it on first.)  Everything that seemed to be slow or overly mysterious is now rich with foreshadowing.

    I think it's because the mysteries themselves aren't just tricks where the outcome doesn't really matter.  They're part of a complex, interwoven meta-narrative that bends the fourth wall without breaking it.

    What appears to be love is manipulation, what appears to be free will is scripted, what appears to be consciousness is just programmed reaction...and what appears to unconscious repetition is the journey through the maze of self-awareness.

    I'm not sure if any of it is as mind-blowing as it seems, but it's so damn well executed I don't care.
  • @Natter Cast totally agree! Now that I am not looking for hints/clues/etc it allows me to appreciate what is going on. It's not about the destination, but the little details that got you there....hmmmm did Ford vex me?
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    I rewatched many of the episodes, mid-season. I just couldn't get enough! 
  • I enjoy re-watching TWD and GoT, but IDK if I'd enjoy watching Westworld. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, I just don't know if anything in it was "holy shit that was amazing i need to see that again" for me. 

    That's usually how I gauge how good an episode was, if I want to re-watch it again the next day or two. Sunday's TWD is the first episode I re-watched all season long. 
  • I've rewatched during the season to see if some theories held water and I enjoyed them. I'll be rewatching the season again with the wife after we get caught up watching other shows.
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