maeve conscious?

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during the season finale in the scene in cold storage when bernard reveals to maeve that her escape is a storyline, just as he is about to say what she does at the train station when she snatches his tablet and breaks it. it sure seemed like bernard was about to tell her that she doesn't leave with that train as he fumbles through her "recruit, coerce, escape storyline" in his sheepishly dissuading bernard manner....


  • He said "but when you reach the mainland..." he was cut off at "mainland" which would tell us the narrative does have her "escaping". ;)
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  • I kind of want to find a screengrab of the tablet and what it says exactly but I keep forgetting to look for it. I guess I could just bring up that episode on HBO GO and take a look myself. 

    It stops at the "Mainland Infiltration"....(at least that's what my bad memeory rememebrs).
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    My sense is that Maeve is conscious but that her actions are also scripted.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  For her, Ford's narrative is like Bernard's voice.  But instead of thinking you're hearing someone else when you're really hearing yourself, Maeve thinks she's hearing herself when she really hears someone else.

    But all that's required for consciousness is thinking that you're hearing your own voice.  Even if "your own voice" has been manipulated by someone else.

    Or maybe not...maybe she's just an automaton meant to liberate others who are conscious.  Or maybe the end of this narrative leaves her at the door to consciousness by its very design.
  • i guess i thought bernard was saying "and when you're at the station..." when she grabbed the tablet and broke it..... his tone and train of thought left me to believe that he was about to say she didn't stay on the train.
  • There is a couple of ways to look at this. First if it did say infiltrate mainland, and she stayed means that she made a choice.
    The other is no matter if she stayed or went she was following her script. Remember that everything in her and deep core code prevents her from leaving. So that may have over rode the infiltrate mainland directive.
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  • Yup they did rebuild her, and Felix did do the changes she asked for, but I'm not sure that they could have reworote that out of her. I have nothing to go by other than a few lines, and there are a few lines that say the opposite. It's just a thought, that can lead to a different set of questions. If there is a conflict in code does the host choose what to follow? If so is that a form of free will? I mean we are faced with two options all the time.
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