Season 1 Ep 2 - "Chestnut" - things to notice

zoe75zoe75 Victoria, Australia
Elsie says a some point (it might have been in Ep 1), that this aberration in  the hosts might be contagious, which she was concerned about.
In Ep.2 during one of Dolores frequent shopping trips (they must eat alot of spam at her house !), she has some reverie moment and end up standing in the street in a weird state.
Maeve saunters over to her and Dolores says  "Remember!"
 "These violent delights have violent ends", and Maeve starts to remember.

Also Dolores wakes up at night,( how important is this in contrast to her original script of waking up bright and chirpy to greet her father and the day) for the first time and we will her see do this again and she wanders out  into the dark, in her nightie ! 
She goes to a spot and replies "Here ? "
to a voice in her head and digs in the dirt to find the gun.
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