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@Jim mentioned that they just bought new hardware for a gaming PC, anyone else out there a PC gamer? I just recently got into it, mainly because I'm a hardware nerd and I always wanted to build my own PC, which I recommend doing, its very rewarding to put together your own machine.  So I thought I'd start a thread for PC game chat. What are you playing on PC right now?  What are you looking forward to?  Brag about how sweet your rig is!  Also post any LFG  requests, I'd rather play with some Bald Movers than some random player.


  • I've got the Vive so that takes up most of my PC gaming. But besides that I usually play older steam games that are Super cheap. And mostly RTS.
  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
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    My new rig is 

    Intel Core i7-6700k-Skylake
    EVGA GeForce 1070 FTW videocard
    Asus Z-170 Pro ATX motherboard
    Crucial Ballistic Sport 16GB DDR4 RAM
    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD
    EVGA SuperNova 650W Platinum power supply
    Corsair H100v2 liquid CPU cooler 
    Widows 10 home

    This thing screams, boots up and ready to go in 11 seconds.  all my previous experience with PC gaming was on an old SONY VAIO that i use to use for work, it had a low end vid card and could barely play anything.  This rig can play anything on Ultra(except VR) and cost half as much 7 years later.  Ive mostly been playing Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the first Sin, and Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, and Im probably gonna get Rocket League even though I have it on PS4, since I dont play the PS4 at all any more, my DS4 controllers are actually linked to the PC

  • yeah, though i don't play as much as i used to.  got a pretty vanilla rig, my first desktop in a long time (have used laptops exclusively for the past 8 years or so, three different gaming laptops prior to this one).  it's an i7 3.4 16gb ram yadda yadda, nvidia gtx1060 (the asus strix card) and a 27" 1080p monitor (i have old eyes).  the base box is a dell xps, basically the only thing i did to it was toss in the video card and a second hdd.  

    haven't really been playing much of anything recently.  i picked up farcry primal maybe a month or so back on sale and played it a few days, played the first couple of episodes of the telltale michonne game, picked up a new game off steam called "subsistence" today, another pve survival-genre fps/builder.  i don't play many multiplayer games anymore, partially because with 4 kids and a wife i never know when i'm going to need to pause and/or quit playing, and partly because i have less and less in common i think with most of the other people playing every year.  lol.

    i'm "sirrat" on steam if anybody wants to friend up.
  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
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    I'm CaesarDude on steam.  I play in 1080p too, i have a 22" Sony monitor and a 55" Panasonic viera plasma TV
  • i do have rocket league although i suck at it, i played it with the bots which was pretty fun but never really played against guests (non-hosts).
  • yeah, I sucked at Rocket League when I played online too(unless I play my 5 year old nephew), gettin old, no more hand eye coordination.  It would be cool to get like an over 35 league going
  • I think I'm gonna check out these Star Wars games, huge sale right now, 13 games for $23
  • Playing Watchdogs 2 on PC currently, I only got it because it was free with an SSD but I'm really impressed with it so far, especially the seamless PC/mouse & DS4 controller transition, I really hope all AAA games do this from now on. Since buying a house though I mostly play games on PS4 since I have a 75" TV and a couch to sprawl on and my PC is now tucked away in the den.

    I built my current desktop a year ago, I use it pretty much equally for work and gaming. It's the most straightforward build I've made in a long time, I wanted something simple:

    i7-6700k w/ 212+ HSF
    MSI Z170A Titanium
    64GB DDR4
    660W Seasonic Platinum PSU
    GTX 980 Ti
    512GB 950 Pro system drive
    1TB 850 Pro
    6TB data drive

    I've had the same 3 30" Dell U3014s and Audioengine A5+ & D1 DAC for years now and like them very much.

    If interested this is probably the most elaborate build I've made, from about four years ago:

  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    My rig
    ASUS Oculus Ready PC G20CB-WS71 Intel Core i7-6700 up ot 4.0GHz (HD Graphics 530) Intel H170 DDR4 2133MHz 16 GB 2NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 4GB (1HDMI,1DVI,3DP) "1TB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) 256GB SATA SSD" DVD RW Windows 10 64bit

    Hooked up to a Samsung 4K 65in 3D
  • @ghm3 those are both awesome set-ups!  your "elaborate" build is so sick, I love the whole wrap around desk, and rolling cart for the PC case.  then your running dual RAID arrays, triple monitor, so sweet.  Dont ever run for president, they will say you have a private server ;)
  • My rig's a bit dated now. 2011 build:
    MSI motherboard (don't remember model). 
    i5 Sandy Bridge 2400 processor (3.10GHz) with Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, 
    Recently upgraded gpu (Zotac 1060 AMP! edition)
    Samsung 500GB Solid State with 7200 rpm standard 3TB drive
    16 GB of RAM (Had 20, but had to pull the 4GB sticks out as they were causing problems)
    I can't remember my PSU, but it's not one of the best brands. It's 500W.

    As to current gaming, I'm on Steam (dmac16) and am playing Dark Souls 3 for the second time, trying to get a level where I can play the DLC. I'm also playing Ori and the Blind Forest. Will be picking up Civ VI and Witcher 3 in the next Steam sale.
  • @Vasilnate1 I tried to add you on Steam, but I couldn't find your user name: CaesarDude504
    I found "CaesarDude" without the "504", but I wasn't sure if that was you.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
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    I built mine in 2013 and bought a gtx 1080 in July. On a 1440 monitor it's been totally worth it playing games like DOOM and Titanfall 2. The only problem with it is I've spent 90% of my time with games this year playing Overwatch which already ran great on the 770.

  • DaveyMac said:

    @Vasilnate1 I tried to add you on Steam, but I couldn't find your user name: CaesarDude504

    I found "CaesarDude" without the "504", but I wasn't sure if that was you.
    yep, that's him.  i sent you a req.
  • @Vasilnate1 Thanks! Yeah I really like the desks, it's two 48" corner desks and a 36" that I use for a return, from the modular Bush Series A line, along w/ the file cabinet. It was easy to relocate too, legs just unscrew from the desk top piece.

    Funnily enough now that I have a house with a lot more space I don't have any room for the network rack. I wired the house with 9 cat6 drops and they all terminate in a tiny cabinet in the garage, so I got a 10 port PoE Cisco switch since it barely fit in there and set up a little wire rack on the other side of the wall (it's in a wall separating the garage from a tiny HVAC/water heater closet) to hold my router & a small UPS, kinda ghetto but there's no real way to utilize my network rack here unfortunately. 
  • @ghm3, you seem pretty knowledgeable. Are you in the telecom/broadband/network biz? I spent about 7 years building headends and data centers as a sub contractor. I mainly did CMTS upgrade installs for Comcast and Cablevision, basically running lots of coax and fiber and some router configuration
  • @Vasilnate1 Not in telecom really, I'm a sysadmin. That sounds like it'be pretty interesting to build datacenters, Did you move on to something related? I've been thinking of going fully into networking lately.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    I'm running a 4770k overclocked to 4.4 ghz and a 1080.  My main monitor is a 1440p asus panel, its older though it will probably be what I upgrade next.  

    My setup is a bit unorthodox as space is limited in my house I had to compress everything and go vertical with my dual monitor setup. 

    I'm SWABteam on Steam if anyone wants to add me.  
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