Season 1 Ep 5 "Conrapasso" Questions and Weird things.

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 I was wondering about Ford's analogy of the greyhound and the cat chase.
When the dog ripped apart the cat and sat looking at it not knowing what to do.
Is he talking about God  and his creation or is it a reference to the automatic behaviour that humans seem to perperuate without being fully aware of the consequences ?

Maeve goes into the lab to be fixed up after she had stabbed herself and Felix says that the wound looked deliberate "like they were trying to find something"
Then it seems in  the next scen it is another timeline, Maeve gets wheeled in again and the wound is open  again as if the repair hasnt been done at all .

Dolores says, after she has killed all the Confederados (watched by a stunned William)
"People come here to change the story of their lives.I imagined a story where I didn't have to be the damsel"


  • zoe75zoe75 Victoria, Australia
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    zoe75 said:

    When Dolores said those words there was a real change in her face and I saw in her something quite striking 

  • Keep far as the greyhound it sat not knowing what it did wrong as it has been doing exactly what it did for almost its entire life. It was really what it "kneel how to do.
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    1. The point of the greyhound story for me was that the greyhound is just like the hosts in the park. They're inside a loop that is made for the sole purpose of keeping them contained and making them useful, but it's all based on a lie. Neither the hosts nor the greyhound realize that they are inside a narrative loop, so when the loop breaks and they escape it they literally have no way to understand what to do next, as every "decision" they've ever made has been engineered for them. Further, in Ford's story, he was curious and anxious to see the dog run and disobeyed his parents to let him off the leash. Ford sees the hosts as greyhounds who have been chasing the fake rabbit all their lives, now he wants to take them to the park and let them off the leash. It's an important story because it raises the question of artificial predestination and what happens when you break out of what you're supposed to do, but it's also a window into how Ford thinks. The less said about that the better, but keep this story in mind as you go through the last 5 episodes. 

    2. The editing on this show is (intentionally, I think) very disorienting. We're made to think that many hosts die on an almost daily basis, so seeing Maeve go in for repairs repeatedly doesn't seem to indicate more than the passage of time. I think if you're on episode 5 you've already seen Maeve's drawings. We're meant to think that Maeve's awakening is taking place over maybe a week or two where every time she dies she gets a little closer to remembering.

    3. That was AWESOME! 
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