Streamers of the Forums... UNITE!!!

With all of Jim's streaming lately, it has inspired me to stream more- and I can't be the only one! I'm starting this forum thread so that we can post our Twitch accounts and support each other in our streaming efforts. Post your channel and the content you normally stream below. 

What I stream: Mostly Hearthstone, Blood Bowl, and Creative (Illustrator/Photoshop)


  • Alright! I don't stream but I'll check it out. You and Jim should do a stream together, if possible.
  • Nice!  Just set up a notification for the next time you stream.  I don't think the photoshop video is working, which sucks.  I'd like to see how you make some of the stuff you do.
  • GrahamGraham Grand Rapids, MI
    Cool stuff. Streaming is something I kind of want to get into, but I haven't quite figured out how to go about doing it.
  • I just watched Jim playing Astroneer and just got to the cockapault.

    Damn, that was hilarious.
  • I don't stream at all, and I don't watch much streaming, but I am interested watching streams of creative stuff as I'm looking to get back into illustrator and stuff so I'll check that out. Thanks @Wahl-e
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