Actually I reallyed enjoyed the commission @A_Ron_Hubbard and I knew you guys would savage it. I have been driving and was laughing through half the podcast! Just so you know, Screamers wasn't a troll cause I do really love that movie and know you and @Jim are big sci-fi fans, and I know y'all will love Doing my Star Trek 2 commission...hopefully :)


  • At least it wasn't Star Trek V, then we know you were just trollin then :D
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    Yeah, gotta give massive props for the Wrath commission. That's gonna be a fun one. Glad you enjoyed this, haha, always hate hating a movie people pay us to talk about!
  • Can't love every movie, and half the fun was hearing you two get annoyed haha. I feel my money was well spent my man!
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    Note on protesting, and poo pooing the effectiveness of protests.

    Protests are advertisement, propaganda. The protest itself doesn't create change. Just like a single advert for a car or food product doesn't do anything to you. 
    It's the constant dripping - the awareness of it day after day, or week after week, or year after year. That issue being protested is now in your mind. It's part of your make up. Just like all the products being advertised to you.

    That's how media propaganda works. Just casually bringing up certain claims or images everyday, that you don't really notice, until it's ingrained. So when you reference it, you're referencing it in their terms. How many of you now think of Russia as hackers, despite no evidence for it. Everyone is saying it, day after day, saying it confidently and casually, how can anyone say otherwise?

    A protest that gets something done at that time is something else. That's verging on "coup" territory.

    Note on meat. We're constantly bombarded with advertisement and sentiments that meat looks good, is delicious, manly men eat it, everyone eats it, it's a staple of any social get together, etc. If you were targeted with the opposite message - images of gross looking meat, suffering animals, shit covered fields and cages, maggoty meat, being emasculated for eating it, pictures of colon cancer, TV characters fat or dying from eating meat, etc, for decades, there would be little to no meat eaters.
  • Regarding the whole bill maher "colleges are too PC for comedy" stuff, the thing that always gets me is that these people just choose to ignore the fact that the most popular comedian on college campuses is Daniel "rape can be funny" Tosh.

    Hell, seinfeld was bitching about college students not laughing at one of his jokes because they were too PC. Here's the joke:

  • Damn, haven't listened to the podcast (yet), but I'm sorry to hear the guys didn't like this.  I must have seen it a hundred times on Comedy Central when I was a kid.  Just watched it a couple months ago and thought it held up even better than I remembered.  Ah, well, everybody's got their own weaknesses for certain movies, I suppose.
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    still a fav of mine as well @ken hale
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    You gotta admit my point about Hackman and Caine is spot on though.  You can't set that up and not follow through. You just can't!
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