2200 Podcasts

Just noted today as I created the article for Legion, that this will be the 2200th podcast we've published on Bald Move.  Assuming an average length of one hour, that means there are just under 92 days worth of us talking on the internet.

That's like, a whole lot.  I'm wondering if it would be worth it to scrape the mysql data to find the exact length of all podcasts put together, because I know that info is squirreled away somewhere in the depths.


  • BenBen Melbourne - Australia
    Congratulations guys!
    Thats a hell of a milestone and a legacy. Keep it up!
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    That would be like, if you recorded on classic cassettes at the standard 1 7/8 ips...then the whole tape length fully stretched out would be over 12 Mount Everests tall.  

  • GrahamGraham Grand Rapids, MI
    Congrats! I've also been curious to see exactly how much has been recorded. Something tells me it's way more than 92 days taking into account TBS, UYDS, PA, and all the others.
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