Resident Evil 7

How are people feeling about the latest addition to the Resident Evil series?

I'm a massive fan of 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica. Played 4 some, but didn't bother with 5 and 6 as I didn't like the move towards the more action oriented gameplay. I was happy with the move back towards horror survival and puzzle centred gameplay with 7. The first third of the game was particularly unnerving and I'll openly admit to shrieking out loud at least three times in the first hour!

It wasn't without it's problems though. I felt the last third of the game dragged on a bit. Some of the cutscene animation was ropey. Also, the final fight could have required more technique/been more challenging. But altogether a solid game with a pleasing mix of the old and new.


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    edited February 2017
    I am excited to play it, but it is going to the bottom of my list as I have way too many other games backlogged and need to catch up. I plan to play it in PSVR though. I am really intimidated. I also did not like when the game moved towards more action'y gameplay. 

    With that said, I played the hell out of 5 because I had a friend who loved it, so it was good bonding time to play cooperatively. 6 was the only one I never played and doubt I ever will. 

    I do admire the RE series for constantly evolving. While I hate the action ones quite a bit, I sort of respect that they took it in that direction and then flipped the table and turned it into a FP survival horror game. I'll be honest though, until you mentioned it in your post @LizzieabcdefG I entirely forgot that Code Veronica even existed. That game was beyond forgettable for me. 

    Capcom did something similar with the Dino Crisis games. The first game was pretty much RE2 except with dinos. Then in Dino Crisis 2 it was a complete arcade-action romp (complete with combo meters and everything). DC2 was exceptionally fun for that exact reason. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Played the teaser demo. Would love to see a YouTube/twitch playthrough from baldmove.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Yes! I absolutely want these guys to do this game!

    @Garthgou81 Good luck in VR! I played the game normally and it was scary as shit sometimes. I've heard the VR experience is incredible.

    The thing I loved about this game was that while there are plenty of jump scares, it's way more about tension, mood and atmosphere. But I have to say, the absolute scariest bits are when Daddy is chasing you and you know he's right on your heels and you barely have enough ammo to fight back and sometimes it doesn't even matter because no matter how many times you put him down, he just keeps coming. Augh! So good.

    This was the first RE game I'd really truly played since Code Veronica. A friend had RE 4 for Gamecube and I played a little but it didn't really interest me. But this game has a surprisingly compelling story and plenty of slightly campy (while horrifying) things that keep it interesting. It controls great too. I wondered how a first person RE game would feel and the answer is great!

    Highly recommend this one to anyone who was maybe on the fence about picking it up. Maybe wait for a sale or something if you need to but I definitely say get it. Best horror game I've played in a loooong time.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    I loved the demo.  I'm waiting for the inevitable game of the year edition on PC that will add VR support along with all the DLC in a year or so.  
  • No way could I deal with this game in VR! That would fuck me up, even knowing what was coming from previous playthroughs. Good luck with it @Garthgou81 and @Luke.

    @Murderbear, completely with you on the tension and atmosphere aspect. The adrenaline of facing daddy was fun, but for me, the visceral unease of Eveline's quarters was the most intense part. Being so used to the older games, I was unsure how I'd feel about the first person gameplay, but it worked well.

    Would love to watch the guys do a playthrough of this. I think Jim would love it and it would make A.Ron lose sleep.

  • I'll be honest though, until you mentioned it in your post @LizzieabcdefG I entirely forgot that Code Veronica even existed. That game was beyond forgettable for me.

    I always think of Code Veronica being the first step towards the more action oriented gameplay. I liked it a lot, it was super campy and fun. And those Bandersnatches were bastards!
  • I'm a huge RE fan.  Loved 1 and 2.  Enjoyed 3 and CV.  I really liked 4 and 5.  I skipped 6.

    I'm trying to play 7 in VR, but it is quite unnerving.  My first night with the game, I made it through most of the intro.  It took me about an hour and a half.  I had a gun, and died quite viscerally while reloading.  I decided I had had enough for the night and took off the headset.  I was drenched in sweat, and physically trembling.  It took me almost an hour to calm down.  Now I'm normally pretty cool under pressure, and I've never had a game effect me that strongly before.  I was playing this game at home, alone, after midnight, with the lights off (not that I could tell in the headset,) 3d audio headphones on, standing up and walking in place with my character to help stave off motion sickness.  I genuinely felt like I was in the game exploring the house.  This was two days after the game came out.

    I finally worked up the nerve to play again this past Wednesday.  This time my roommate was home and watching.  I left the headphones off, but continued to play in VR standing up and walking in place.  I made it another hour in.  I made it to a point where several non-human creatures were attacking me simultaneously in what looked to be a generator room before calling it quits.

    Some notes about playing in VR.  For me, it was a much more panicked experience.  I was constantly looking around trying to find where noises came from.  I always felt like there was something about to spin me around and gut me, and on multiple occasions I was right.  Generally when playing games like RE7 I would be a lot more methodical.  I would be searching everything, and when the inevitable attack came, I would get my distance or gain some advantage and exploit it.  I would thoroughly search everything.  In VR, about a 1/3 of my playtime has been running as quickly as possible to find a place to hide and get my nerves back.  I know for certain I have missed a ton of stuff. 

    I won't be finishing this game anytime soon, but I will definitely be finishing it in VR. 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    @JoshTheBlack Man, that part you were talked ng about in the basement/generator room was BS. My first time down there I was so low on ammo I decided to try and run past some of those things down there. It felt like everytime I turned a corner there was another one! And another one. And another one. Thank god they can't open doors! That was usually my move. Trap them in a room.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I spent about 45 minutes with this last VR. My thoughts? While immersive, it does push things to the brink for what PSVR's hardware may be capable of at this point in time. If you have VR you should definitely at least play with it for a bit to see if you dig it, but the tracking issues that are an issue with other games and a minor annoyance definitely breaks the experience here and there. In addition the visuals (again, while immersive) just don't pop like if you were watching it in glorious 1080p. Finally I am not a huge fan of the turning. Its like they wanted to make sure that people weren't frustrated by slow turn radius, so they sped it up to the point where it may save my life in future parts of the game, but right now it just comes across as janky and unnatural. 

    With that said, if you can deal with that stuff, the VR version is pretty fantastic. Its atmospheric as hell. I have only had one really large scare and a couple super creepy parts. I am loving it. I can already see some seeds to where the story is going. And maybe it is a red herring, but very interesting. 

    Also, I can't express how important playing this with a nice set of headphones is. The problem with my PS Gold headphones is you have to wire it into the VR set, and for some unknown reason that great reduces the volume. I haven't figured out a way to raise that volume, so now I am just using my ol' Apple earbuds. And even though they aren't super deluxe and great like the Golds, it has already upped the intensity of the game. 
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