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Howdy folks, Eric here. 

We've got some news on the Direct front. The show will be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future. At the very least, we will be taking a break until a (tentative) Nolan run leading up to Dunkirk, but at this point that Nolan run might not happen either. 

The reason? Well, Levi and I now hate each other. 

JOKES! The real reason is that I have been podcasting for almost seven years now. I've done multiple 'casts (Personal Arrogants, SeaDog Pressbox, Get Off My Running Back, Gotham Blotter, Mutiny Community, and Direct), and I'm feeling a bit burnt out. There are other projects that I'd like to focus on (I'm currently working on a board game with Jesse and Levi) and I'd like to spend more time with my family. Frankly, there isn't enough time in the week, and I want to devote the time I do have to the things that bring me the most joy. Right now, podcasting doesn't quite make the cut. 

I want to sincerely thank all of the Direct listeners out there. This was a great podcast to be a part of, and as a movie geek I genuinely loved the process of watching every film from great directors sequentially. There is a good chance I will miss this podcast, and the great news is that we can pick it up again at any time (if and when I get the 'casting bug again). 

Levi will still be around (word on the street is that Levi will be doing an 'Expanse' podcast with Jim and Aron). As for me, you can catch me on my Twitch channel, and hanging around Jim and Aron from time to time. I'll also be lurking on the forums— fo sho! 

Once again, thanks so much for being a part of Direct over the last year and half! I especially want to give a shout out to DaveyMac, our most loyal listener and an all around awesome dude. 

Oh, and if you're curious, PTA overwhelmingly won the latest Direct survey. If we pick up the podcast again, he will definitely be on the agenda. 

Peace. Eric, out. 


  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    Please come back and do Nolan! My favourite film maker ever. Fingers crossed that Dunkirk is great - a part of British history in some ways similar to Valley Forge for Americans, but within living memory (well for my mum at least).
  • Sad to see you go, but it is totally understandable. Hopefully you come back for CN if not to use it as a "goodbye" group of casts. Thank you for all of your hard work and the great casts.
  • Really bummed to see this news, but totally understandable. It was a lot of fun going back and re-watching all these movies in sequence and then hearing you guys chat about them every week. It was great having a film podcast to list to that wasn't linked to the current media cycle and what's coming out now and you guys always brought something to the table that I hadn't really considered before. I hope you guys can come back for a Nolan run.

    And thanks for that shoutout and for sharing some of my thoughts and lists from time to time on the cast. I really appreciate it. Hopefully see you around on the forums and maybe in Japan again sometime!
  • Sorry to see it end for now. Maybe do a board game twitch/YouTube?
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    Sad to hear, but also understand, I've loved this podcast, it's been a great reason to rewatch  some classics, but forced me to check out some great movies I would have never have got around to otherwise too. Going back watching a filmography chronologically by release really gives you a different level of insight on a directors work.

    Appreciate the effort that went into this cast and hope to see it pop back up in my feed one day (no worries if not) , but thankyou for putting the time in on this. I look forward to going back and doing the couple of director I didn't follow with you at the time.
  • Good luck in your future endeavors! Hope you can make your way back to this series eventually, I've loved it so far. Thank you for taking the time and energy to create it.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Well shit... I was really drunk and it was late when I first read this. Thought it was a bad dream. You guys never did John Carpenter... John Carpenter, man... John Carpenter.

    Seriously though, thanks a million for the podcast. It was totally unexpected, and easily the best addition to the BM network (outside of Jim and A. Ron's stuff, but they don't count). If you guys ever find yourselves out of work or in a position to make wildly risky career changes, a look into full time casting wouldn't be all that crazy. Y'all two are that good at it.

    Hope the bug bites hard, and we get another Direct series in the future, far or near. If not, thanks again for what we have. Coolest part about Direct is that it's pretty much timeless.
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