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HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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Coming up on the 2017 season so just wanted to see if there was interest in doing a BM fantasy league. Buy in would be $30 per team for 10 teams. Winner gets a commissioned podcast. Not sure if we will get 10 players but worth a shot so let me know if you're in.


  • I would, been looking for a league. Hoping for a standard roto 5x5 or something similar on espn.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I'm interested, would prefer roto to H2H I think.  I don't want to have to set DAILY lineups or anything.  I just don't have that amount of time to dedicate to it every day.
  • I'm fine with roto. Well let's see if we can get 7 more
  • I think im in. I need revenge for losing in the championship game. Havent played fantasy baseball in yrs even tho i watch baseball every night in season. Can u guys clue me in on how it runs tho.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    If we get enough people I'll post the rules and scoring first.

    Roto is pretty easy to do. There's 5 hitting stats and 5 pitching stats. You want to draft the guys who score the most points in those stats. The team with the most points at the end of season wins the league. There's multiple ways to do Roto but the most basic is basically there are no head to head matches or playoffs. its just an accumulation of points over the entire season.
  • I'm in if we get enough people
  • Half way there
  • Putting this back on front page. Anyone else down?
  • Somewhat considering it. I've never played fantasy, but watch baseball just about every day. How would waivers and pickups and all that stuff work? My biggest complaint about fantasy football is not always paying attention to injuries and being the first person to snatch up the injury replacement. 
  • Waivers would be a system where you have to wait a few days and the team with the best waiver priority gets the player. But I don't think we're going to get enough people so I wouldn't really worry about it.
  • Count me in, baby!
  • How many so far?
  • Looks like 7 but some were iffy
  • Not sure if people would be interested in 8 team league at $38. But if so we would only need 1 more
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