Commission foreign language films?

Are Jim and A-Ron cool with reading subtitles?
Let me know,


  • For some reason I feel like A-Ron would be cool with it and Jim would go along with it if he had to lol. I watch everything with subtitles on so that I don't miss anything.

    I listen to this other podcast, #AllPodcastsMatter and they crack me up because they remind me of BaldMove. One is always telling the other all the comic book lore, etc on movies they review while the other refuses to read anything - to the point where he watches YouTube videos of someone reading comic books to him!
  • ^^Ah,.. Ivan and Red, love those guys.   While I'm sure @Jim can read, he just doesn't look like someone that enjoys it very much 
  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    A prophet was French, I assume subtitled
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