The best show of the fall, isn't on TV it's a podcast 'Serial'

I wouldn't generally discuss/promote other podcasts on there, but Serial is a pretty different animal to anything on Bald Move, and in my humble opinion has been the best show of the fall, on or off tv... Ok final season of Boardwalk was probably better,but the thing i've been waiting for desperately on a weekly basis, like i havn't since True Detective, literally can't get enough of it.

Just wondered if anyone agreed?Felt like telling me why I'm wrong


  • Totally agree. Easily my favorite podcast right now.
  • @hypergenesb‌ It's so good, I'd commission a bald move cast on that cast if I could right now. Also love the Heisenberg chronicles man, such an amazing source of material !
  • I've been enjoying it as well, very immersive. It's like a mix between Radiolab and True Detective.
  • Also the body was buried in in Leakin Park, even the Wire has a scene that talks to that
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    It's definitely become my most anticipated podcast. I've avoided supplementary resources like Reddit and Slate's Serial podcast because I'm enjoying without being influenced by what others think.
  • @FlashGordon‌ maybe a few of us could pool our Patreon $$ to commission a Bald Move Serial cast. i would love to hear these two debate the details of this case. p.s. Thanks for the Heisenberg Chronicles love.

    @pavlovsbell‌ I've enjoyed the supplemental communities on Reddit and elsewhere. I listen to each episode several times, make up my mind about how I'm feeling after that episode, then enjoy the perspectives others have to offer.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    We're both subscribed, but we haven't listened to any yet. Been a brutal last two weeks. We keep running into crazy studio issues that forces us to fix that rather than move ahead. Like this week, we moved around equipment to separate the video recording from the audio recording, because it was overwhelming doing both, and we introduced a ground loop in our audio somehow, so everything had a loud buzz in the background. Gah. And after that, we have to figure out why our video looks shitty, because that's also vexing us.

    But yes, we're really interested in Serial as a concept. Heard lots of good things. Would love to do a podcast on it, or maybe a LWJ&A.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    It's absolutely captivating. We, and I know I, have become so numb to to murder crimes, in our news, tv, movies - and how "flashy" the media tries to make them to keep us interested. But what'd ya know, when something as complex as a murder is given the complexity and time to fully reveal itself, it because the most fascinating thing you listen to all week. It's gunna win aaaallll the awards.
  • @hypergenesb‌ Yeh i'm fully on board for some Pateron lobbying for a serial cast, TBH if Serial might get covered anyway , on it's own or in LWJ&A , everything i'd really want to hear from J&A is kind of on their radar to varying degree's - Godfather, The Wire, maybe even the Sopranos someday, on top of everything else, there's a lot of good content coming up .

    I'm so deep into all the Serial supplemental material stuff too, that subreddit has basically destroyed any kind of productivity I was clinging to at work, but it add's so much of richness & depth to the show.@pavlovsbell‌ , but I understand why you'd approach it like that & it's not like reddit is going anywhere, but I'm completely hooked.
  • @aberry89‌ I totally agree, taking the time to really dig into details of the case, spending time with people involved on both sides and actually understanding the human element in it all, just strips away all the "flashyness", i'm completely captivated too.
  • linolino Atlanta, GA
    I'd be very willing to pool in and commission a Serial cast. Maybe when it's over? That said, what do you guys think of the case? I thought the last episode centered around Jay really humanized him and made things look really bad for Adnan.

    The Slate podcast about Serial is excellent as well.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    @hypergenesb and @FlashGordon, I will probably succumb to reddit soon. Usually when I really dig something, I totally immerse myself in it and devour podcasts and forums, but I have been enjoying seeing it from just Koenig's perspective. I go back and forth several times in any given podcast.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    @lino Yeh if the guys aren't upto to date with it now and there's only 4 episodes left i think, a season wrap up would be really good, or even a slot on LWJ&A would be cool.

    As far as the case goes, i'm in exactly the same place as you man, i'm with that Laura from the last episode "but if... then.....well who the fuck did it then??" It's an emotional rollercoster, I'm at a point now where I'm not certain of Adnan's innocence, but i am certain he shouldn't be in jail based on the evidence that put him there, i've just got reasonable doubt i guess. As for Jay I don't know where to start, that last episode really drove home that this is not a black & white show,just complex confusing long spectrum of moral greys.
  • I read the case file on Adnan's last appeal earlier this week (the former journalist in me can't resist) and there are substantial details we haven't learned yet on the show. So making declarations about how certain one is about guilty/not guilty is a fallacy. We (listeners) don't yet have all the facts - intentionally.

    One premise of the show's narrative, is that we are learning facts in way that's similar to how SK and her team learned facts. Maybe not in the exact order, but in the same manner. Thus - we lean one way or another based on the presentation of new facts. And this is typical in investigative journalism. You dig, then formulate theories. Test theories and assumptions and dig a little deeper, then reformulate. Rinse and repeat until you are convinced it's as clear it's going to be (or until you hit deadline).

    All that said, we probably will never have all the facts. But, hopefully, we will have more clarity.
  • I think I've read the same document, i read one appeal doc anyway that was all about Jay's deal, pro bono defence etc. and knowledge of it. I got burned a few time in the early episodes , thinking 'o shit Adnan is definitely innocent' or guilty or whatever.

    I like the story structure now, I don't mind the swings. So i've learnt not to commit too hard to anything, but i'll stand by my statement and I might have been swayed by the narrative, but i really don't think he should be in Jail based on the evidence at the time... not that , that proves he didn't kill her.

    There will definitely be some questions unanswered at the end, but i think there will be a conclusion or sorts that will be satisfying.
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    My wife and I are both riveted by Serial.

    I enjoy the swinging back and forth on what I think. I know I'm being manipulated on purpose, but I like SK, so I'm enjoying the ride.

    Hey look, shrimp is on sale!
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    Also, I can't be the only one who:
    a) Is choked there is no Serial this week
    b) Pictures the homicide detectives as McNulty and Bunk in my head.
  • @Flukes‌ you're definitely not the only one.
  • Great show. There are podcasts about this podcasts (but the hosts are full of shit.)

    What does everyone think?

    From a moral stand point I'm kind of disgusted at myself for being so caught up in this because it's not fiction, it's stuff that actually happened to real people, that are still affected by this to this day.

    On the other hand, I love a good mystery, even though there's no chance there's going to be any real outcome to this at all.

    Also, I don't know what the truth is, all that I know is that I don't trust Jay at all, too many lies. Too many inconsistencies. I think he has to be more involved than he says, and given the evidence I don't believe it should have been enough to convict Adnan. Even if he is guilty, the evidence didn't justify a conviction.
  • @Flukes‌ I don't think of Bunk& McNulty, I think of the two worthless cops Polk & Mahon, who Daniels told to go off sick or work wet. Also pretty devastated there isn't a cast this week.
  • @Gan‌ The onion's 'the serial serial' is a pretty good podcast on Serial, but i've heard the Slate one which isnt great.

    Yeh if you're on the reddit side of it too , you learn way too much about these people, but i've taken a bit of a step back now & just trying to enjoy it. I'm in the same place as you now, not sure if Adanan did it or not, don't think he should be in jail, Definitely think Jay had more to do with it!
  • GanGan
    edited November 2014
    @FlashGordon After some short glimpse to fufill my curiosity, I've been staying away from the dark seedy halls of /r/serialpodcast. Too much emotion and lack of critical thinking.

    The podcasts on Serial that aren't so great are AV and Slate. And It appears AV is from the onion?
  • @Gan‌ Yeh the subedit is a bit annoying , but there is some golden needles in that haystack of garbage. The magazine is satire, but it's basically the same situation as at slate - A room full of journalists all listening to the podcast and talking about it all the time, so they decide to do a cast on it. Much better panel though because it's the onion writers so they make fun of it a bit more, might be worth doing this week with no cast to look forward to :smile: .
  • Just marathoned the series yesterday. I want to think Anon (sp) did indeed murder the girl. Jay's story has holes in it, the timeline is sketchy and no one but a former shoplifter can say with 100% certainty whether or not the pay phone at Best Buy existed or not, but the Anon just cannot account for his whereabouts that day. I do wonder if future episodes willl present a motive for why someone else would want to kill Lee, because at times, it feels like they revealed all they can about Anon and they have yet to find a "smoking gun" that could acquit the man.
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    It seems like they were both involved. Jay likely had more to do with it than his story suggests.

    Jay 's the one who went to the police and got a deal so Adnon is the one in jail. The only way Adnon could dispute Jay's level of involvement is if he admitted his guilt. That doesn't get him out of jail.

    Knowing, like we do, that he was convicted on pretty thin evidence, his best shot was to let Jay away with it and maintain his innocence hoping to appeal.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I am really enjoying Serial. That said I am also avoiding reddit and the online communities for the most part so I can come to my own conclusions.
  • Cereal is pretty great. Would have to say my favorite is Oops! All Berries.
  • I would love love love for Jim and A.Ron to cover Serial. It's amazing, and I'm dying to hear their takes on it. There are so many layers beyond the case itself. There's the constructing a narrative intended for entertainment layer, which comes with all kinds of ethical considerations; there's the layer of viewing this as a piece of journalism; then there's the layer of the legal considerations, the legal system, the nature of truth, etc. GAH! Why can't Jim and A.Ron get on this?!?!?!

    Hey, A.Ron! If y'all are looking for a podcast that would drive traffic, I doubt you could find a better one that this!
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Here's what I think both Adnan and Jay were involved but Jay didn't want to go to jail so he finked on Adnan.
  • Hey @Reba‌ , J&A covered it in a 'Lunch with' episode of theirs this week, good to hear their views, but unless they're covering it live, all i think they could do if they were so inclined, is a season wrap up cast after they listened to it all, i think the show has hit it's 'peak hype' and there's only 4 episodes left, it's a shame though because there such a big instant fan base, you'd think shows based on it would get some good traffic.

    There are some podcast's out there covering serial, mostly journalists who obsessed with it, the best is the onion's, 'the serial serial' , slate magazine do one as well.
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