We Are Officially Past Peak Marvel

Saw a trailer for Ant-Man when I went to see Kingsman and omfg, it seems they have officially run out of good IP. They even know it's stupid and they're making it anyway! ("One question: is it too late to change the name?")

I'm not saying I'd prefer Spider-Man 11 but this has to be one of the dumbest super hero characters ever, it seems that Marvel is at the point of desperately grasping at the bottom of the bucket and dusting off turds like this and trying like hell to polish it up.


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    I see what you're saying, and as much as I have been loving the MCU so far, I've also been afraid that the bubble will burst before they get to the really good stuff.

    That said, I think Ant-Man has a lot of potential. I'm not ready to give up on them just yet. Especially with my best TV girlfriend Evangeline Lilly co-starring.
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    Also I think the characterization that Marvel is "desperately grasping" doesn't ring true. They are sitting atop the superhero genre right now. They haven't even had one huge flop yet and are a long way from being desperate.
  • @FrakkinToaster I meant they're desperate to keep it going, not to keep from going under or anything. That's what I meant by referencing peak oil in the title; I'm not saying it's gone, but the good times must be in danger of running dry if something like this is being released. I normally wouldn't come to a conclusion like this from one instance, but the fact that (as you say) they really haven't had a huge flop since the resurgence, combined with the quantity they're outputting, seems to indicate that something is changing when something as awful-looking as this comes along.
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    I see what you're saying. I think it just comes down to what you think of Ant Man. If I thought it looked like a steaming pile of crap I'd probably be worried about Marvel too, but I think it looks pretty good. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy: a 3rd tier book with characters nobody had ever heard of, and a story that was completely unrelated to any other part of the MCU, starring an anthropomorphic tree and a wise-cracking raccoon. The pitch is absolutely ridiculous, but Marvel turned it into one of the biggest hits of the year. Even if I had doubts about Ant Man, Marvel has earned the benefit of the doubt. Even if Ant Man sucks, it's going to be bookended by Avengers 2 and Cap 3, which are about as close to sure bets as you can get, especially with the recent news that Spiderman is joining up for Civil War.
  • Yep fair enough. Admittedly my only knowledge of it stems from the trailer, I've never heard of it until today. And you're right about Guardians of the Galaxy, but interestingly I never saw a trailer for it and saw it based solely on word of mouth feedback, so it would be interesting to know what I would have thought about it after only seeing its trailer. I think I would have been skeptical but open to it; it does have silly things but it's also full-on science fiction, not superheros in an otherwise normal modern world. For me that provides it with a lot of leeway when it comes to talking raccoons and stuff.

  • You have to remember 15 years ago Iron-Man was a b rated superhero that most people wouldn't believe could be used in movies.
  • @Zesder Fair point. However, at least non-comic book people like me knew of Iron Man before the movie (even if the Black Sabbath song wasn't directly related it still increased people's awareness). Also, Just look at the trailer for Iron Man:

    It looks fucking awesome, and it was. By comparison the Ant-Man trailer is a sad apology.
  • I would kinda have to agree with you ghm3.
  • Coming 2019: The Power Pachyderms!

  • @TravisSmith Hahaha omgwtf. Is there a Rule 34 for comics? Cause judging by that there should be...
  • I saw that in a comic book store ~20 years ago and it stuck in my mind for some reason. Totally bizarre.
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