Atomic Blonde

This gave me a big lady boner. Charlize Theron emerging from an ice bath beaten and bloody after kicking ass and taking names and using said ice to pour herself a stiff drink is A Look I want to master.

But in all seriousness this looks like a badass action fim, but I don't expect much depth or characterization just a great cast and some jaw-dropping stunt work.

It's directed by the guy who co-directed the first John Wick and will be directing the next Deadpool. Charlize Theron is also a producer on the film.


  • I like Charlize Theron enough to be hopeful but it definitely gave me some strong Lucy vibes which was a white hot dumpster fire unfortunately. It looks like it may be self-aware enough to work though, I'm optimistic.
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    I am SO excited to see this for a few reasons: Antony Johnston, writer of some awesome graphic novels and a few video games you've probably heard of ( one of them is Shadow of Mordor) wrote the story that this movie is based on. I'm a HUGE fan of his.
    It's a period piece, set during the Cold War in the 80s, which I was too young to remember, is always something I've wanted to see more of.
    Hot Charlize Theron kicking ass with a British accent.
  • This really feels much more gender-bent John Wick to me, with a mix of Bond thrown in, not like Lucy which had a much different look and feel and wasn't as grounded in a set reality as this seems to be. The only similarity I see between the two is a female lead in an action genre. The cinematography is obviously a lot like John Wick but it also really reminds me of Drive too for some reason. Some people have compared it to Salt but the difference there is that this character has always been written as female, and this feels much more grungy and gritty. Like I said, I don't think the plot of this movie will win any awards or anything but I am very down for a badass female action hero that kicks ass.

    I think we need all kinds of female characters. We need in-depth multidimensional characters that are realistic and relatable, evil women, nurturing women, ass-kickers, etc. This is an ass-kicker and one that seems already iconic in her look and feel which is notable in this world of franchises and reboots and sameness. The raunchiness of the trailer, and presumably the film as a whole will limit the audience it can have, but I think this movie won't have any problems ascending to cult status quickly.
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    Yeah it's unfortunate there's so few female led actiony films that presumably a spy action thriller gets compared to a bonkers sci fi film like Lucy. Salt is a much more appropriate comparison.
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    Definitely not like Lucy; you can tell by the trailer that this is way better. It doesn't even really look like Salt; that was a spy thriller with a few action scenes that got bogged down with backstory. Atomic Blonde looks like a full on shoot-em-up action flick, with Charlize proving again that she can do anything. I don't have much doubt that it will end up on my top 10 for 2017.
  • It has gotten really good buzz at SXSW, definitely looking forward to this one.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Just saw this advertised this week, and yeah, I'm in!
  • I'll buy in particularly because of Theron's build.  She can sell it better than let's say Saldana in Colombiana.
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