Paleyfest - Andrew Lincoln's Idea For The End of TWD

Hi everybody.
My wife and I went and saw TWD at Paleyfest last night and it was pretty fun. The moderator seemed like a good guy and was a really big fan of the show, but he was pretty awful and it could be argued that they brought too many people which took away from what could have been a better panel (nothing against the people they brought, but when you have like 12 people on stage and everyone needs to get at least one question and there is a limited amount of time you kind of miss out on what could have been more productive). Anyhoo, it was pretty cool. 

The reason I am putting this up though is that Andrew Lincoln is HI-LARIOUS! It's not up yet, but Hulu has a deal with Paleyfest where they show the full panel, and specific clips and I recommend watching anything featuring him. He was fantastic. The one most noteworthy, and I'm sure it will end up being a specific clip because it was by far the most memorable moment of the night was when he was asked "if you were to write and direct the last scene of TWD and the last moment for your character what would happen?" I don't want to blow it, but goddammit he got rolling and it was fucking great. Anyways, if they post the clip on hulu or youtube I highly recommend it. Also, if you're in NY or LA and don't know Paleyfest they do a series in each city annually and they'll have periodic events too. I definitely recommend it. My wife and I go to one or two every year and it's always a great time. They do good shows too. We've seen Better Call Saul, Parks and Rec, Community, the Newsroom, the Mindy Project, and Modern Family.

Also, (new paragraph to highlight since it might be of interest) they have Westworld coming up in 8 or 9 days and I'm pretty sure there should still be some tickets if anyone is in the L.A. area.


  • MichelleMichelle California
    I love the Paley Fest panels! Can't wait to see this one, thanks! Sounds like it was pretty awesome!
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