Season 3 info (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

So I can't wait for this season to start and I am dreading the end but maybe a three season run will guarantee it a seat at the top five of all time table. Anyway, in my pacing and heavy panting I started researching this season's previews (interviews, articles, etc.) and couldn't find much that wasn't being talked about everywhere, so I went on IMDB (I'm a sinner) and looked at the episode list for season three and at least three kinda to major spoilers are present:
1. First, they have released the episode titles for the first five episodes; episode 1 is titled "The Book of Kevin", #2 "Don't Be Ridiculous", #3 "Crazy Whitefella Thinking", #4 "G'Day Melbourne", and #5 "It's A Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World". None really say too much, but boy, am I excited Matt gets another pov episode?! I though that maybe with the shorter season, they would have to cut all single pov episodes and just do group povs from now on.
2. In the cast list for episode 2, there are a brother and sister cast as the son and daughter of Mary Jamison, meaning she had twins between last season and now. However, the kids are 7 & 10, respectively, so maybe they are featured in a flash forward or a dream sequence, not sure because it's only supposed to have been three years since last season in this universe.
3. The Big One: In both The Book of Kevin and episode 7, DEAN aka the Dog Killer is back and making an appearance. What does this mean? I was under the impression that Dean was maybe a hallucination of Kevin's, which, you know, could be seeing as Kevin's father talks to people, but I thought they also laid the ground work for Dean being an angel as well.

One other thing of note is that only Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman (Laurie), and Chris Eccleston are listed as "Episode Credited Cast"; everyone else, including Jill, Tom, the Murphys, Nora(!), and Kevin Sr are listed alphabetically. I'm not sure if there is much distinction there, but then again, why bother separating them in the first place?

Hope this gets you guys discussing THE best show on television right now before it comes back.


  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    It's a Matt Matt Matt Matt World. God I love this show.
  • MichaelVCassidyMichaelVCassidy Harrisburg, Pa
    Synopsis' of episodes 1-7 are out. Read at your own digression. It pretty much gives away the season arc. I didn't read 7...

    **SPOILERS **
  • hisdudeness915hisdudeness915 Atlanta, Ga
    I just noticed on IMDB that the same guy(Craig Zobel) who directed last season's "International Assassin" and "Lens" is listed as the director for episode 7 this season. Sounds like we're in for a treat with Zobel and then Mimi Leder to close out the series.
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    Episode 5's description now makes sense.

    The explosion that has grounded all flights is the part where "God gets in the way" of Matt getting to Australia to bring Kevin home. 
    I'm guessing in Jarden they'll go back to when Kevin/Nora first left town and lead up to to the explosion from Matts perspective to give us more information on that event, which gets the Jarden story caught up to the Australia/Kevin story timeline.
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