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What up guys! So I'm just starting this thread to drop some news on you, and this news is good, bad, and pretty strange to be honest.

So good news first, 12 Monkeys has already been renewed for a fourth season! Even before we lay eyes on season 3 it's been renewed for another go around. The bad news is that season 4 will unfortunately be the final season.

Now with that band aid ripped off let's discuss some very odd news in regards to 12 Monkeys season 3. Season 3 will debut on May 19 at 8pm and air 4 episodes back to back, May 20/21 will both air three episodes each back to back. That means all 10 episodes of season 3 will air in a 3 day span.

Just wondering everyone's thoughts on this. Personally it sounds like an awful idea to me, I'm not a big binger since I have so many shows on right now on top of other hobbies such as gaming, and other personal responsibilities with my two sons. I've had Humans season 2 on my computer since it started airing here in the states and have only watched 3-4 episodes since I'm trying to fit it in between all this other stuff going on, I'm fearful 12 Monkeys will suffer the back burner fate as well with this approach.


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    http://forums.baldmove.com/discussion/3233/12-monkeys-renewed-for-4th-and-final-season#latestI'm actually looking forward to it (binge style). This show I think may play better multiple episodes at a time. I have no issues with them ending the show either as at least they will get to end it on their. From the sounds of it, you may have delayed watching regardless ;) so 1 or 4 it wouldn't really matter. At this point at least you know ahead of time. You can watch once a week or how many ever you can fit in. You just may be behind in being able to talk about it (like kenyou are with Humans).

    Here is the thread where we discussed s4 (includes s3 news)

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    Oops didn't know there was a thread thanks for the heads up.
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    Sooo... have any of you guys watched this yet? I've gone through the whole season pretty quickly, binging it was easier than I thought it would be. Not going into details as there doesn't seem to be much activity going on, but some general (spoilery) thoughts on the season:
    Loved the splinter suits, they look awesome plus the technology is adding another layer to time travel possibilities. I have still not warmed up to Cassie (don't think I ever will), but I'm loving Jennifer more and more, she's important to the story and brings some really, really great comedy as well. Apropos comedy: someone on the writers team must have had a kid recently, because the amount of dad jokes was insane, eg. 'Santa brought me Cole for Christmas', not to mention the epic pun-off between Cole and Ramse at the bakery van. I can't remember the show ever being this hilarious!
    I also loved all of the Athan stuff, a complicated yet moving story, I thought the (adult) actor they cast fit the role pretty well. Too bad about Ramse, I wonder now with how things turned out, will Cole go back and save him? I find it unlikely they wrote him out entirely, especially only one more season to go. Olivia turning out to be the big bad at the end was a bit tropey, especially with Jennifer's warnings beforehand, but she is a damn smart woman indeed, and the actress proved herself to be great too - the scene where she acted like Jennifer was amazing. Overall, I really enjoyed the season and hope the next one will live up to the expectations! What did everyone else think?
  • I think @Reni is I'm a time loop with "not going to go into details, but here are some spoilery thoughts" :p

    SPOILERS Ahead!!!!

    I really liked this season (might be one of the best thus far). As it was said, super easy to binge and IMO helped GREATLY with keeping track of everything that goes on. I still have this on my recommend list,
    Especially for those looking for complicated time travel shows that tend to keep their rules fairly straight. They handled the adult Athan well by adding Gaius Baltar to the series. Jennifer continues to be my favorite character of the show. Emily plays the multi emotional character to near perfection. Oh and @Reni I would say no, he's not coming back. Cole made the promise and I don't see him changing it. Just look at what happened when Athan tried to change time. Also, paring down the cast is something they would try to do, so they can close the story off. The caveat of course is if the travel to the past and see him, but it won't be "present" Ramsey.
  • @KingKobra Well, I don't consider writing maybe 10 sentences about an entire season as "going into detail" :P
    I get what you're saying with Ramse, Cole keeping his promise and all, but since I guess the last season will be all about defeating Olivia, and Ramse was working with her for several decades, I'd say he knows her better than anyone. So maybe if they're desperate enough they'll bring him back? I hope adult Athan will join the team either way, he's great.
    Btw, does being primary also come with perfect drawing skills or is that just pure coincidence? I mean if I was primary, the science team would be absolutely fucked trying to make sense of my stick figures :D
  • @Reni the only way Insee him coming back, is if they see him in a previous time period. I don't see such a major character surprisingly coming back unless Olivia does it to try and bait them.

    And yes, if you are a primary you also inherit fantastic artistic skills.
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