No spoilers: A hypothetical prize fight: Father or son Bolton vs. Ser Gregor Clegaine? Champion?

StantheManStantheMan Kansas City, Missouri
The Mountain vs. Ramsey or Roose Bolton? Well, in the GoT Universe, I am going to choose one of the Boltons over the Mountain. The Family Bolton is just too damn cunning for the Mountain. Ramsey would slowly and meticulously filay(sp) Ser Gregor-until the Mountain realized that no longer was he wearing armor; but that, he had also been skinned alive,eek! -(Golf clap for Elia Martel)- Roose B. v. Mountain, now I think the odds may vary in this fight; however, my $$ still goes with Father Bolton (and what a Godly man he is;-))-my answers and bets rest on the assertion that the Mountain fights with only pure unmatched brute strength; i.e no FrankenMountain. Maybe, we throw "Littlefinger" in the ring with Ser Gregor? Is there any way Pete comes out alive? I love me some hypotheticals!
Cheers, Andrew S.
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