UK Air Date?

I'm rather disturbed to see that this hasn't shown up in the Sky Atlantic schedules at all and I can't find any reference to an air data for Season 3, which I'm starting to fret about somewhat. There must be some other UK love for this blinding show out there?


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  • I don't see any sign of it in the UK. I'm assuming Sky has the rights and will push it during a slow period. I feel the pain, I'm paying the devil for this service and he's not giving the goods. 

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  • Right at the bottom of this article on the Independent (spoilers, apparently) they mention that it will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic in July. Hell of a wait.
  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    Oh well, I've managed to make it this far without getting any spoilers, hoping to binge from S1E1 when it finally airs on Nowtv.
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