Episode 605 - "Sounding"

Director: Jon Avnet
Writer: Dave Andron & Leonard Chang


  • Not looking forward to Raylan/Ava again. Both of them are smarter than that at this point. It does give credence to the theory that Raylan won't be able to use what he gets from Ava because he once banged her...especially if they start banging RIGHT NOW. The cop banging the CI and having evidence thrown out because of it is almost a TV trope at this point.
  • Setting up the chess pieces episode. Not too bad. Next weeks preview shows bullets flying though :-)
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    @A.Ron Where do you stand on the Tim fist bump? Does it aplex you like a Tara fist bump?
  • It's funny - there's not much actual plot per episode, but I love this season more each week.

    Somebody on av club mentioned that Seabass is played by Scott Grimes, aka Steve Smith aka American Dad.
  • JeramiahJeramiah Richmond Indiana
    Just a quick note for you guys after listening to the cast, Sounding isn't just a "sexual pleasure" thing in the non-miner aspect of the word. It is also what Urologists and Gynecologists do (in there "respective operating areas") to make sure the instruments (i.e. scopes, stents, etc...) can fit through the canal.  They use Ureteral Sounds or Cervical sounds to dilate the canals. 

    Just my 2 cents from a medical perspective, and I don't think this means anything as I'm sure the sounding reference was intended for the mining definition in this episode.

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