Sarah the Luddite

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So I haven't watched episode 3 or listened to the podcast for episode 2 yet so hopefully this isn't a super obvious take that's already been said.

My theory is that Nora/Sarah isn't living in a post apocalyptic waste land at the end of episode 1. When she comes​ to speak to the Jardín police she refuses the mic from Kevin. Later she has her difficulties with the airport kiosk. Perfect strangers dude throws her phone into the toilet. She covers the smoke detector in foil so she can smoke. Later she hulks out on the parking gate. At the end of episode 1 we Sarah has started keeping carrier pigeons.

It seems like technology represents a lack of control for her, and at some point she goes off the grid as a way of "taking some fucking control". No nukes or global floods necessary.

So here's the talking-out-of-my-ass section. I need to do some research on radiation to back this up. But what if Sara is not significantly older? Maybe some bad shit went down with the radiation in Australia and that's why she looks older. That could've also been the final straw causing her to swear off technology.


  • The radiation theory was mentioned on the podcast, and I think the one reason why it isn't plausible is because Sarah has this thick braid of hair that goes over halfway down her back. It takes a good number of years to grow hair that long. I mean, unless the radiation made all her hair fall out and it's a wig.
  • tpelzytpelzy Dallas
    @Reni good point. And knowing Nora's personality it's just as likely that she just wants to go over there to fuck shit​ up lol.
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