Ok I must have missed something...How Old is Kevin Jr???

alright follow me on this one. 

In Season 3 Episode 1 Kevin Jr tells the story of how on his 25th Birthday he got in a car accident with Lorrie and that Tommy was 2. Seeing the departure happened on Oct 14, 2011 and its 2 weeks away from the 7th anniversary (10/14/2018) when the season starts that would mean that Tommy who is celebrating his 25th Birthday was born on October 1, 1993 that means the car accident had to happy sometime in 1995/1996. That would mean that a 25 year old Kevin was born in 1970/1971.

In season 3 episode 3 Kevin Sr has a tape that says "Niagara 81". He later tells Christopher Sunday that when Kevin was about 8 he received a tape recorder for christmas, his mother died about a month later and that summer he took him to Niagara Falls. Lets say Kevin turned 9 before the summer of 1981. That would mean that he was born during 1972.

Am I missing something? The two time lines are just a little bit off and this show doesn't make continuity errors. Sure they could explain it away that it was just an approximate age and not exact but this show gores into so much detail that I feel like maybe theres something there? Well this is the end of my rabbit hole, let me know if i'm just missing something. Is Kevin 48? or is Kevin 46?


  • If he was born late 71/early 72. Let's face it Kevin Sr may not be the most reliable source and Kevin was 8/9 when the tape was made.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    i think its close enough to add up. Plus the episodes where they give out that information are so close to each other it feels like that would be a big massive oversight on the writers. 
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    You're right and they could go with that and not explain it at all but this show goes into such great detail I thought it was strange.
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    I was more thinking of it based on the thought that May 1972 could be Kevin's birth month with the National Geographic. 

    I mean we can all agree on Tommy's birthday being Oct 1 1993. so if he met Lorrie on his birthday in May of 1996 when Tommy was about 2 and 1/2, that would make Kevin's birthday May 1971. It would also mean that he was 10! I know Kevin Sr is crazy but does he not even remember if his kid was 8 or 10 years old when he recorded that tape? 2 years is huge when you are talking about kids and their development.

    Either Kevin Jr was really 10/11 when he recorded the tape or Tommy was actually 5 when Kevin adopted him...which would make no sense seeing he didn't know Kevin wasn't his biological father until they told him lol.
  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
    there is also a 2-year discrepancy among scholars as to the year Jesus of Nazareth was born. So I wouldn't put it past Lindelof to create a universe where Kevin Jr.'s birth year isnt quite clear.
  • There's also conflicting information as to when the Departure actually happened. The fridge Jill got stuck in season 1 with all the writing on it said October 14, 2011, but the news report talking about Mark Linn-Baker in the season 2 premiere said October 14, 2012. If the Departure happened in 2012, then the current season is taking place in 2019, which means Tommy was born in 1994, the accident happened in 1996/1997, and Kevin was born in 1971/1972. It makes the most sense for it to be 1972, since that lines up with him being 8 in the Niagara '81 tape, so Kevin is either 46 or 47 at this point in the story.
  • Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
    does it matter if he's 46 or 48?
  • Tom_A said:

    does it matter if he's 46 or 48?

    Yes, unless the answer is no.
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    Tom_A said:

    does it matter if he's 46 or 48?

    No I just thought it was strange seeing how many little details the show gets 100% right.

  • LannitikLannitik Milwaukee
    JEEEESUS Christ 
  • I mean shit, do you really expert your parent to remember 40 years later if you were 8 or 10 when you went to Niagra? Even something like, "we went right after your mother passed" could easily have been forgotten and it was really 3 years later. Age man, it's hard to remember what happened 10 years ago with any precision, let alone 40. 
  • His Passport on e04 says February 8, 1971

    On February 8th 1971 all of this happened:

    Historical Events:
    Nasdaq Composite stock market index debuts with 50 companies and a starting value of 100
    Pedro Morales beats Ivan Koloff in NY, to become WWF wrestling champ
    South Vietnamese troops invade Laos

    Famous Birthdays:
    Heidi Mark, playmate (Jul, 1995), born in Columbus, Ohio

    So I think that makes it pretty obvious where the show is headed.

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