Game of Thrones Tours around the world

The Game of Thrones effect on Croatian tourism and the country's general
economy already is enormous. Dubrovnik, a major Mediterranean vacation
city and seaport, serves as the setting for the story's capital of the
Seven Kingdoms, King's Landing and "shudders under the crush of
tourists, the Telegraph noted recently, adding that Croatia’s economy
depends almost entirely on tourism. It's extraordinary, but HBO is
allowed to film in the city in high season because the boost in
employment is worth the disruption.

National and international travel agencies join countless online
outfits in offering Game of Thrones trips and tours of all lengths and
prices. In Croatia, these itineraries include the walled city of
Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea, a Unesco World Heritage site, the
Diocletian Palace, which dates from 300AD and another World Heritage
site, the Klis Fortress, and the Krka National Park and its waterfalls,
all backdrops of the gruesome battles, murderous intrigues, and
fire-breathing dragons populating the latest season set on the fantasy
continents of Westeros and Essos.

Fortune magazine wrote about Vetus Itinera as the best Game of Thrones agent in this part of Europe.
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