Fun little coincidence; Kevin, David & Jesus

I'm sure someone has already figured this out and I'm late to the party. Just thought I would throw this out there because I thought it was funny.

Kevin Garvey
David Burton
Jesus Christ

All 3 have 5 letter first names and 6 letter last names.


  • voodooratvoodoorat Atlanta
    Also Kevin Garvey, the other one.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    edited May 18
    voodoorat said:

    Also Kevin Garvey, the other one.

    Feel like it would be Kevin Garvey Sr. technically,  so it wouldn't actually work for him. BECAUSE HE AIN'T JESUS!!

    “No time to squabble Troy, for Greendale on THREE! One, two- Jeff, every second counts. For Greendale on TWO! One-"
  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
    I have 6 letters in my first name and 5 in my last name, and so does Donald Trump... mother fucker, well I guess I'm evil
    "because everything would be what it isn't"
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