Season 5

Hey ya'll I haven't seen any ep. Yet, but what do ya'll think about the new season?

No spoilers please


  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    We are living a real-life House of Cards so people are subdued.

    No one is talking about the new season. 

    Very strange.
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    What do you mean? The corrupt career democrat isn't in the White House?
  • MichaelGMichaelG Seattle
    I think the last campaign and current administration have undermined the stakes of the show, and sort of dated it in a weird way. It's still relentlessly watchable, but it feels a little less relevant somehow. Still trying to put my finger on it exactly.

  • Just finished the last episode. About the same level of quality as the first four; if you were getting tired of their whole shtick then I can't recommend coming back for this. But I did enjoy background watching it for the odd bit of Spacey insanity. They drop some nods to Trump, but the whole thing would be a lot more relevant if Hillary had won, which they were presumably counting on while they were writing and filming most of it.
  • Just finished the last episode and now i'm convinced they should have ended it at 4 or done whatever it took to keep the same show runner. None of the characters are acting like themselves.
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    Just finished it up over the weekend, it's like Aaron described during lunch last week, its seriously turned into a soap opera at this point. All the stuff with Mccallen was pretty good, and the parallels to this last election were giving me goosebumps, but any scene involving Claire and Tom Yates was a snooze-fest and by the end of the season literally everyone is sleeping with each other. I just can't believe they are going for a 6th season, I was so pumped to see Frank get taken down this season and while the finale still eludes to that being a possibility I don't know if i'll care by next year honestly.
  • DreamRycherDreamRycher Newark, DE
    I finished it this weekend myself and agree with the last couple of entries.  I was having difficulties with last season with a believable story line, but then we had a real unbelievable election in real life so I thought maybe I was misjudging it! LOL.  Anyway, I think this season goes much more off the rails, especially with the last 4 episodes, and like Aaron mentioned more into soap opera territory.  Not sure if I will continue to watch this once Season 6 comes out . . .
  • The thing I enjoyed most in this season (and let's be honest, the previous seasons) were Claire's outfits, lol. She somehow always manages to look effortlessly elegant, stunning even in a robe or workout clothes. About the plot, I like Claire more than Frank so I'm hoping things will improve from now on, because I'm just so tired of Frank and his ridiculous behavior.
    The twists and turns were too easy to calculate this season too, nothing shocking at all. Some storylines were absolutely pointless and went nowhere: Frank's ex-lover (Tim?) going missing, Eric as a personal trainer, wtf? I liked Tom Yates (probably because I like the actor Paul Sparks), and I think he was smarter than giving the only copy of his book to Claire. It's also utterly ridiculous that all these dead bodies pile up around the Underwoods and apart from the Hammer nobody's looking into it or finding it suspicious.
    Most of the new characters were boring and unnecessary: Davis and Usher are frankly the exact same character, just different genders. The Latino congressman couldn't capture my attention for a single second. Neither could Jeffries or his girlfriend.
    Overall, there were barely any parts this season I found genuinely interesting, but I'll probably still watch the next one out of curiousity.

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