Ozark on Netflix with Jason Bateman

I tried to search to see if a thread was already made for this and didn't find one, so I apologize if someone already has a thread for this. But a trailer for a new Jason Bateman led show, coming to Netflix in July has recent dropped. He will also be directing half of the episodes. The show seems intriguing if a bit overly moody, but I'm a big fan of Bateman so I'll definitely be checking it out. What do you guys think? Its also yet another trailer in a slew of them that is soundtracked by Kayne. What is up with that?


  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
    I'm in! I love moody Bateman, he was super good in The Gift and Bad Words.
  • Yes! The Gift was excellent, I can't wait to see what Joel Edgerton does next. I also really liked (except for the ending) The Family Fang which was directed by Bateman.
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