Do people know that STARZ releases American Gods episodes early?

I don't know at exactly what time they're made available, but they're always there at around 8 AM when I get up.

I have Starz through Amazon Prime, but I'm pretty sure it's available On Demand from Comcast or whatever you've got as well.


  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    Yes, watching A Murder Of Gods episode 6 at 8am and loving it!
  • Yes, it's been mentioned a few times in the threads for the show ;)!
  • Its 12:30am I believe. I use to watch new episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead around 1am on Sundays last fall
  • I wish I could take advantage of the early release, but sadly no Starz over here. In fact, the Japanese Amazon, which is supposed to release eps. one day after airing actually stopped releasing the show for a couple of weeks, seemingly because of censorship issues. Genitalia is legally supposed to be blurred out in Japan and they definitely missed a penis or too and the show was temporarily pulled down. But now they are all caught up, thankfully. 

    Anyway, sorry to get off topic. 
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