Twin Peaks: The Return - episode 5, "Case Files"

Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch


  • My heart breaks for DougieCooper every time. He's so helpless, like a lost puppy. It makes me so sad! It's totally surreal (and thus very Lynch-like) that nobody thinks of calling a doctor or something because this behavior is everything but normal. Of course us viewers knowing there's a brilliant agent in there who lost 25 years of his life makes it all the more tragic.
    Apart from this, a number of wtf moments I can't even begin to explain or even theorize about. Also, does anyone have a clue what the female FBI agent was looking at the fingerprints for? Is it possible it's not a match (even though BobCooper is in original Cooper's body)?
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    edited June 2017
    Ok lots of setup. More characters introduced. Some revelations. Some laughs see dougies workplace and more lynch satire on our vices courtesy of dr jacoby.

    It appears that bad coop tasked someone to kill Dougie. It didn't happen. So they set in motion some code signals to notify Argentina to destroy that black berry via a fabulous strobe light show at the prison.

    Looks like dougie killed major Briggs aka the body of Ruth Davenport in South Dakota. They found dougies wedding ring inside his body.

    Hot agent Preston realized that the finger prints of evil coop and OG coop matched but were inverted or reversed - doppelgänger confirmed.

    Evil coop looks in the mirror and basically says glad you're still with me Bob.

    Good times.
  • MrXMrX CO
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    I lol'd hard at Dr. Jacoby's gold shit- shovel infomercial. And that Nadine and Jerry Horne were happily watching.

    Happy to see Coop guzzling some damn fine joe (and his co-worker's​ bizzare delighted reaction upon tasting a green tea latte).

    Some more nice cameos this episode; Tom Sizemore as an angry insurance agent, and Amanda Seyfried all coked up (really liked that extended overhead shot of her in the car).

    Episode itself was kindof all over the place. But it's a long season (18 episodes) so I'm fine giving it some time to do what it's gonna do.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    I will give him a little more space but the pacing is still a little off, it feels like 16 eps would have worked if that tightened it up but I will finally judge it once everything has finished. 

    When the kid was walking across the road, I was screaming no no no no no at the TV. I knew the car was going to blow up, having watched too much criminal minds it looked as if he was going to go up with it. 

    The whole Dougie thing is OK and I understand why it is happen but I'm not sure how long they can keep it going before he clicks back into Agent Cooper. I like that Coop is remembering some things like coffee, agents, case file etc

    Jacoby was incredible and having Ben and Nadine watching was awesome. 

    Poor Shelly she might have cleaned up but her kids have the same ability to pick  head boyfriends that she had

  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I am not sure if Dougie/Good Coop and Bad Coop can occupy the same space, in the real world outside the lodge.  Maybe that's why they are both a little off.
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
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    Just finished, so I don't really have any fully formed thoughts. 

    Just wanted to see if anyone caught that the dude that got the coffee for everyone in the office is also Saul/Jimmy's "young Kubrick/JJ Abrams" camera guy in BCS. Only he's gotten a haircut for Twin Peaks. Some nice crossover between shows this week.
  • Elisa said:

     Evil coop looks in the mirror and basically says glad you're still with me Bob.

    Good times.

    My reaction to that was, "He's looking into the mirror. Hm, interesting that he only sees Coo - OH MY GOD IT'S BOB!"

    @Elisa Thanks for clearing that fingerprint thing up. I didn't understand what she was noticing. I knew they would establish agent TP as someone more than a lady to ogle at.
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