animal kingdom???

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so out of boredom i began listening to your podcasts on breaking bad. you guys are great and did not disappoint when i subscribed to better call saul and fargo. i was recently turned on to animal kingdom on TNT. i am only on the 3rd episode as of today but i plan to binge watch the whole first season as the second season just began. would you guys consider watching and doing a podcast of this show? 

i dont know how you usually answer this type of question, butif you plan to answer it during a podcast, please do so on the fargo or better call saul podcasts. thank you and keep up the good work!


  • I think that might be pretty cool actually. It would be a fresh podcast imo
  • While I enjoy the show, there really isn't much to "discuss" (IMO). It a fun brainless ride (Point Break for TV) , if anything this might get the BMTV treatment. Usually they answer these types in the forum or on Lunch with J&A.
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