So, this new Gong Show...

aberry89aberry89 California
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They are bringing back the The Gong show from the 70's. Okay, whatever, who cares. I saw the trailer and something was off...why was the host obviously wearing prosthetic makeup, and fuck, why does he seem so familiar? One google search later, and I cannot tell if this is the stupidest prank that's not a prank or an utterly fascinating twist to what would be a yet another tiresome reboot. 

So the host, is actually Michael Myers, in full on face makeup, playing a British charachter named Tommy Maitland. Myers' name is mentioned in ZERO promos, the few talk show appearances he does, he comes in full makeup and does not break charachter. All other reports are done over the phone, in character. He has a detailed backstory of washed out british star who was once in a series of films and is trying making his comeback now. (Hmm, I like transparency Myers) Some of his catchphrases are references to Myer's SNL character like Simon, which itself is based off old bbc free access shows for kids. 

And he will remain in charachter for the entirely of the show. I think ABC hoped that no one would figure out it was Myers, but yeah, the internet figured it out pretty fast - but i don't even know if the secret was the point. Is this a distracting joke that the entire cast and audiences will have to play along with? I dunno, I can't help but find this sorta fascinating which is something i never thought i would think about a Gong Show reboot. It would have been a lot eaiser to just throw some C-Grade entertainers on the Gong panel and call it a day, but this is a little more intruging. A lot of people seemed really annoyed by it, but to me it seems EXTREMELY British. I can't really explain why, it just. is. And I am down with that! 



  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    interesting. I was going to give it a watch because I used to watch the old one when I was a kid. I saw the trailer on TV and thought the host was some old time British comic.
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