How do I listen with Alexa

Long time moocher, first time club member. I joined to try and get TuneIn to give me more than Bald Movies and GoT, but nothing else seems to come up. Is there a way other than streaming from my phone to listen to more Bald Move on Alexa?


  • I know this is like 7 months old... but you can try using the Alexa skill Anypod.  Supposedly you can email their support:  and they'll add whatever you want. BaldTV is on there for sure, so is Watching Dead and GoT.  I don't think there is a way to get ad-free or firehose feeds though.  

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    Don't do it. Once Amazon is in your house you can never get rid of them. Pretty soon you're going to be seeing black vans parked on your street and you're going to say "Alexa, lock the doors" and it's going to be like "Sorry, I can't do that" and you're going to wish you just clicked on some links.
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