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i'm new and didn't see anything on this when I searched so sorry if it's been brought up.

who's looking forward to the new Netflix series coming next (6/23), GLOW? looks promising, getting some good buzz and alison brie was pretty great in Community.



  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    yeah sorry, first post fail.. this was the trailer i meant to post:

  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
  • This strikes me as one of those shows that has a good idea and will have a good first season or two, but lose its direction and suck not too far after that (cough OitNB cough). 
  • Oohhh, that looks like fun! Wonder if Netflix Brazil will show it.
  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    I read a great review of it on Variety's website.
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    i'm getting a boogie nights meets  woman's wrestling vibe. i'm new but willing to vouch for it for credibility

    the doc on netflix on the actual show is worth a watch.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, saw this in the middle of the House of Cards binge over the weekend.  I'm certainly going to watch it for all the reasons listed above. 
  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    Marc Maron is on it and he's mentioned it here and there on his podcast. I was happy to read in the Variety review that he does a great job in it.
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    Watched three or so episodes it's ok kind of over the top. Was the eighties even that eighties? 

    question, does he actually smoke in the show? I see him holding it but I haven't seen him taking a puff. Listening to his podcast for years he seems to trying to quit and being a nonsmoker myself since 01 I don't want to take a puff or have one just every once in a while.

    Also I know he also had his problems with coke and I figure it might messing with fire to be playing a guy with a coke habbit. 
  • I watched the whole thing. It's quick to get through because there are only 10 half hour episodes. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I thought Marc Maron was good in it and I generally enjoyed all the actresses. My favorite part, and the best written part of the show is the relationships formed amongst the 14 women. The women are written well, their relationships and struggles seem genuine if not always realistic.

    My one major fault with the show, and the one that has me nervous for future episodes is the constant returning to the same theme or plot. The relationship between Ruth and Debbie for example felt very one note to me. Without getting spoilerly, I'll just say I really thought their relationship should have moved in a direction (any direction!) but they remain pretty much at the same place they began the show, and all their conversations and scenes together felt too similar. And it feels like this happens a lot throughout the show with different plot points and characters, which is particularly distressing since this is only about 5 hours of content. If the writers can't get through five hours without having to dry patches and similarities with previous scenes, then I worry about future seasons. Overall, I thought that for only 10 half hour episodes the show could have been much tighter and smoother from a writing standpoint.
  • MattyWeavesMattyWeaves Mid-State New York
    It's been fantastic so far. I'm surprised how well they've done the wrestling aspect. I was a bit nervous on that front.
  • 3 episodes in. It's great!
  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
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    Hubby and I binge watched this weekend- we both loved it. It was especially refreshing to watch something this fun but still intelligent and feminist after finishing Handmaid's Tale. 

    Yes, the 80s were really that 80s if you were really into style or music or acting. I love how Ruth looks like she fell out of an 80's Woody Allen movie. All the other girls in the movie wore styles similar to the various girls in various cliques in my high school. (Except Sheila lol)

    Marc Maron talked on his podcast about how he had to smoke herbal cigarettes for the show. He does have one podcast dedicated to Glow, with interviews with Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, but I haven't listened to it yet. I think his coke habit is long in the past though.

    BTW I am from the Omaha area and when they are going over Ruth's resume and say she did plays at the Blue Barn- That's a real indie theater in Omaha. We thought that was a nice touch. 
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    I liked it a lot. It has that thing, similar to Orange is the New Black, where they have such a large ensemble that they have a lot of potential stories they can tell in later seasons. The comedy and characters were pretty good. Not as good as OitNB or Weeds season 1, but still good.

    I look forward to the next season or two, or however long it takes Jenji Kohan to crash and burn the show.
  • Loved this show!
    I have vague memories of watching a few GLOW matches as a little girl. After my husband and I watched the Netflix show, I checked out some of those real GLOW matches on YouTube. And yeah, the real thing was just as crazy and 80s as I remember! Lol
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I'm three episodes in - it's an easy watch and I like Betty Gilpin for once (she usually plays obnoxious characters who annoy me). Great soundtrack too. And yes, the 80s was for sure that 80s. The decade that taste forgot. I miss it.
  • I'm loving this show! My husband and I binge watched it yesterday and now I'm sad we only have two episodes left. Hope they make another season soon.
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    I watched the GLOW-companion documentary on Netflix and it was really awesome. It had interviews with many of the women from GLOW (the actual GLOW, not the Netflix show) alongside of ton of great footage from the original GLOW show.
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    finally finished last night and i really enjoyed it. that part couldn't not have been more perfect for marc maron. alison brie and betty gilpins performances really shined and i felt that they had excellent chemistry with one another (not only with their real life characters but with their wrestling characters).

    overall, a nicely done first season.
  • ThomasThomas North Carolina
    Binged this over the last few days.  I would give it a solid 7/10.  The main character, Ruth, was a bit too much for me as a character and it never seemed like a lot was happening in any one episode.  Either way, very good story, and aside from Ruth (at times) the characters were awesome.  
  • ThomasThomas North Carolina
    trippy said:

    I kinda wonder how a second season would go.  It seemed a really solid self contained series.  

    Did you watch the documentary on Netflix about Glow?  It seemed to me like the TV show skipped a lot of material and sort of improvised most of it.  It looks like they wanted to get a good base and then start to go into the real meat of the story in follow-on seasons.
  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    trippy said:

    I kinda wonder how a second season would go.  It seemed a really solid self contained series.  

    See, I feel like it set itself up perfectly for a season 2, which would be them getting started with the show and getting some measure of success or attention as the show starts to air. Seeing the characters and how they change with a little bit of success will be interesting.
  • Finally watched this, was thoroughly entertained. As others have said it's pretty much the perfect role for Maron. And between this and American Gods Betty Gilpin is having a nice year, and of course Alison Brie is great. Her singing Yentel at the Russian bris = amazing, as was her terrible Russian caricature. I also thought they did a good job with the over the top producer kid, by the end I actually liked him.

    Also, the baby's name is Randy. Lol 80's
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    @akritenbrink - bingo! plus i liked the swerve where Liberty Bell loses the GLOW crown to the heel (The Welfare Queen) so within the wrestling 'storyline' it has the face chasing the heel to setup a S2.

  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I can't get over how good Betty Gilpin is in this. I have really underestimated her.
  • It's pretty funny that the two shows Betty Gilpin is in this year cast her as a wife who got cheated on. But I guess you could say infidelity is a common theme in TV/movies.

    And speaking of infidelity, good god do I hate Rich Sommer's character in this. I understand now why they wrote it that way, but when he prevented Liberty Belle from doing her big body slam move by just showing up, I was infuriated. I haven't wanted to reach through the TV and strangle someone that much since Erlich in season 1 of Silicon Valley.

    Then you have Maron doing his usual Maron persona, which I always enjoy anyway and you could film Alison Brie painting a wall for five hours and she'll still find a way to dazzle.

    Overall, I thought this was highly entertaining and a delight. Very bingey. It had a real smart balance of typical pro-wrestling camp and social commentary. I'm really looking forward to watch what they do for a second season.
  • And speaking of infidelity, good god do I hate Rich Sommer's character in this. I understand now why they wrote it that way, but when he prevented Liberty Belle from doing her big body slam move by just showing up, I was infuriated. I haven't wanted to reach through the TV and strangle someone that much since Erlich in season 1 of Silicon Valley.
    Rich is doomed to portray incredibly unlikable characters. Harry Crane really was the worst.
  • Did anyone else watch GLOW when it was actually on the first time? It followed the Morton Downey Jr. show on the less popular UHF channel after school.
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