310 - "Somebody to Love"



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    So who was that upstairs making noise when gloria showed up and had her shotgun? Was that still pothead Maurice lafey?

    Presumably, or just some noise... Maurice admits to Ray that "it didn't go well" and that "the guy" was probably dead, later Gloria tells her son that a "stoner guy" killed his grandfather, the fact that it was mistaken identify fits one of themes of the season etc....there's no indication of it being anyone else. 
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    yeah, it was prob maurice..

    to be honest at the time i thought it was going to get a bit sci fi with the whole 'he was watching the UFO scene from 1979' and maybe that inspired some of his novels.

    then that los angeles episode happened and it explained the mistaken identity trail blaze, 'well, if Thaddeus Mobley didn't change his name to Ennis Stussy then the story is so much different.
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    Far out.

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