Twin Peaks The Return, Part 9

W: Frost and Lynch
D: Lynch


  • This episode was a great return from the break, and maybe one of the strongest episodes of the season, but perhaps I'm biased because it gave such strong evidence to my personal opinion that Bobby is the best character in the series, lol.  I hope we see some kind of reunion between him and his father, as promised in the great monologue below.  I was happy to see Hastings storyline given more time and significance, and in general this episode gives me hope that the series will not leave too many ambiguous loose ends.  Also notable: Tammy had some strong scenes that I appreciated, fucking Jerry Horne was pretty great, and I'm about past done with Andy and Lucy.  It's like something my dad would find funny.

  • Yea I always liked the stuff with the Major and Bobby, and this episode provided some nice emotional payoff on that arc for sure.

    "I am not your foot" ... is Jerry going to spend the rest of the season lost in the woods? He's going to miss Dr. Axe's next broadcast!

    Hey look Hasting's blog is here, looks Geocities-tastic:

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    There seems to be a debate about whether William Hastings' dating of Major Briggs photo was 9/20 or 9/29.  Though the second  '9' looks like a '0', I think it's just sloppily written because the tail of that second '9' tails off to the photo on to the right of Major Briggs. You can also hear Hastings wimpering "nine twenty-nine" as he finishes writing.

    Otherwise you'd have a time discontinuity because in the Twin Peaks Sheriff scene, 10/1 is "two days from now" which is 9/29.  I'm thinking all the different scenes happening in the episode are happening more or less concurrently.

    Also, the entire time of the show through these first nine episodes, other than the flashbacks to different years, seem to have taken place within about around a week's time.  

    A THOUGHT:  could 9/20 be the date that William Hastings went to that alternate dimension (and the date Ruth Davenport/Major Briggs were murdered), so he's unconsciously(?) writing 9/20 when he knows he's trying to write 9/29?
  • Interesting epsidoe for sure. I did like the Hastings stuff outside of the extended wimpering. We are still slowly seeing the stories merge (even more so now) which is what I expected. Fornthe young FBI agent outside of almost seemed a representation of youth, impatient/fidgety while Lynch was just standing there marveling at the smoking.
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    Matthew Lillard enters the ugly criers Hall of Fame. He isn't Jon Hamm or James Van Der Beek level of ugly crier but he is up there

    I thought it was a great episode and started speeding up the storyline.

    Is the power socket the key to waking up Cooper or is it getting back into the lodge?
    ken hale
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    Maybe it's Audrey and her red shoes
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    My favorite moment from this episode was Truman telling Bobby to open a window as soon as Chad left the room.  Chad is the worst.

    My biggest question is this: The Major knew Bobby, Hawk, and Truman would come asking about Cooper, and left the note for his wife to give them.  But did the major know something was wrong with Cooper, or is the note part of evil Cooper's plan?

    What I like most about this episode is that it gives me hope that everything is finally converging on the town of Twin Peaks, or at least the woods outside town.  Even Johnny's accident suggests Audrey's return.  And with 9 episodes left, I still think Lynch and Frost can deliver really solid character stuff with all the new people we've only gotten brief glimpses of, like all those wayward youth with their scabs and their sadism.  The first season was only 8 episodes, after all, and did a hell of a lot.
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