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I'd be interested in reading a bit more of the correspondence as laid out in the discovery. Sure seems like Darabont was a dick, if a genius one. 


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  • I'm not really surprised by this at all.  Darabont has had this history of being a "dick" (it could very well be the missing context).  We all know that studios\companies have "hidden" profits to make films\shows "less profitable".  Whats really the stand out thing is the fee that AMC is paying (under $2minl to just about 2Mil) per episode.  That is CRAZY low when looking at what they are paying for Better Caul Saul (over 2 Mil).  In the end AMC will most likely end up paying less than they should, but more than they want.
  • "For example, a March 2014 statement to Darabont represented that the drama had earned more than $159 million in total gross receipts from inception to September 2013. But then came $13 million in distribution fees, another $11 million in distribution charges, and $160 million in production costs which included 12.5 percent for administrative overhead. That meant Walking Dead was allegedly in deficit to the tune of nearly $24 million, leaving profit participants empty."

    Darabont was a dick, but AMC was blatantly stealing from him.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
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    Holy moly, Frank is saying everything I've been saying since season two.  "It's like we yanked some kid with no experience out of high school and put her in charge of directing a show."  You don't say?  "Please let's stop invoking the writers room There IS no writers room, which you know as well as I do. I am the writers room."  You're saying the guy from Power Rangers and Timon and Pumba wasn't working out?  

    The fact that they were stealing money from the show to put in their pockets is the icing on the cake.  There is now no question that TWD's failures are solely the result of Kirkman and AMC executives.  They kept on firing showrunners until they got a guy who would eat shit sandwiches and ask for seconds.  No wonder it struggles with mediocrity.  

    I have never heard of anyone saying Frank Darabont was an asshole until TWD.  Indeed, he had a large and loyal following of professionals that he brought to this show.  A lot of the cast were Darabont friends.  I mean, it would be one thing to slash the budget if the show were struggling.  It wasn't.  And Frank was willing to play ball, but it seems like the first episode of season two broke him.  And it was awful.  Even after they fixed it as best they can, it was a fucking mess, we noted this on day one. The location and staging for the action was dumb, and the shots weren't there to tell the story.  I'm busting my ass for half pay and slashing the budgets and you can't even hire someone competent enough for one of the most popular and profitable shows in TV history to shoot a script right?  

  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    A lot of the actors have said pretty plainly that the only reason they agreed to be on the show in the first place was to work with Darabont cause they could have made more on other projects.

    The only reason Breaking Bad and Mad Men were so good (and the only reason AMC is relevant right now) was because AMC was barely involved.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    This is the most interesting The Walking Dead has been in a very long time!
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX

    Good. Cause fuck this show.

    (but please don't stop live casting The Watching Dead!)
  • You know that Kirkman must be getting points on the front end (revenue) and not the back end (profit) or he would be behaving like even more of a lunatic toward AMC and there would be no "rift" between him and Darabont.

    Not only did Frank bring the talent and get the show off of the ground, but Bernthal and DeMunn went on to work with him on Mob City since and I haven't heard other ex-cast members talking smack about him either. He advocated for the show/art, while AMC stacked the bills and pretended like they were losing money?
  • Hilarious. I almost feel bad for Gimple, not sure what he'll do after this show, I kind of think the whole thing implodes in a few seasons.
  • Alkaid13 said:

    Hilarious. I almost feel bad for Gimple, not sure what he'll do after this show, I kind of think the whole thing implodes in a few seasons.

    People have been saying that since Season 2 ;)
  • I've been saying for a while now that the meta story of the production of The Walking Dead is a far more interesting and compelling reason to keep watching than the actual plot of the show. Between the behind the scenes drama, the AMC shenanigans, the Kirkman bullshit, the cast member's contracts expiring...we all know it has to collapse under its own weight eventually, it has to crash and burn, and the exciting part is seeing how it will all go down.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    The sad thing is it really really didn't have to crash and burn. Season one was awesome and well made. Imagine if it had gone the Game of Thrones route and got consistent budget bumps, stayed good enough to attract top talent, and evolved into something even better instead of getting the life accountant-ed out of it. If you have an ongoing drama and season one is your best by miles you've fucked up.
  • @KingKobra
    But unlike S2 they're actually losing viewers now, I don't know that it will end like next season but 3-4 more full seasons losing viewers would probably kill it, especially if you throw in legal troubles.
  • I somewhat more interested in discussing whether TWD being not great is possibly a good thing overall, it appeals to the masses and nets AMC lots of money apparently which presumably allows them run less popular but obviously better shows like BCS or HACF, sort of like how GoT lets HBO take risks on the Leftover. Although GoT is a good counterpoint, that show is mega popular, makes HBO lots of money, and is also a genuinely good show, so it's not like TWD couldn't have been popular and good.
  • Alkaid13 said:

    But unlike S2 they're actually losing viewers now, I don't know that it will end like next season but 3-4 more full seasons losing viewers would probably kill it, especially if you throw in legal troubles.

    If they still net 17-20 million after streaming and delayed viewing is included, in sure they'll "shrug". It would have to be a MASSIVE drop for cancellation to come from that. Merchandising, etc is just too lucerative.
  • Lucrative? I thought they were losing money on this show which is why they can't afford to pay Frank...
  • CarnivalArtsCarnivalArts New Orleans
    Did y'all see David Simon's twitter rant against Darabont for treating the crew badly and trashing them in e-mails? He has a point. No problem with Darabont saying whatever about AMC, but trashing your crew is punching down.
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    Regardless of whether the things he said in those emails about the show are correct (I agree about the writing, specifically), what he said to and about people makes him sound like an absolute fucking maniac.
  • If we only supported rational, polite, likeable, mentally-healthy artists the world would be a boring place. I'm not defending his conduct, but I'm a fan of his stuff and it doesn't justify AMC's theft because he has some bad karma.
  • It's easy to agree with everything that Darabont says, even if the tone comes off as extreme without any context. But ultimately AMC made so much money off TWD while starving the budget that I can't imagine they'll be learning any lessons from this, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    They did but it was off the strength of the first season and how much attention it got, especially with AMC becoming a prestige network with Breaking Bad and Mad Men on the air. They probably wont learn any lessons but they wont be able to do it again either.
  • ThomasThomas North Carolina
    Haha, good.  People need to be talked to this way in some industries in order to get the point.  Especially elitist types at networks, who i am sure are all too used to people kissing their asses daily. 
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