The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Pompey and Slavery.

Not sure how many of you remember the Baldmovies review, but Jim talked a lot about the character of Pompey (played by Woody Strode) who seems to 'work' for Tom Doniphon (John Wayne), but Jim referred to him as Tom's 'slave' for an extended period of time.'

I filed this away until, reading the article.....My Family's Slave, from the Atlantic, and the character referenced that he did not realize that the family's maid was a essentially a slave until he saw Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and realized that she was not a 'free person', but held in bondage by the family.

It was an instance where Jim's analysis was 'spot on', and not sure if Jim read the article or anyone else had commented on this.   It is a powerful article, well worth a read.

Link to Story....

Comments on Pompey in the article.....

We couldn’t identify a parallel anywhere except in slave characters on TV and in the movies. I remember watching a Western called The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. John Wayne plays Tom Doniphon, a gunslinging rancher who barks orders at his servant, Pompey, whom he calls his “boy.” Pick him up, Pompey. Pompey, go find the doctor. Get on back to work, Pompey! Docile and obedient, Pompey calls his master “Mistah Tom.” They have a complex relationship. Tom forbids Pompey from attending school but opens the way for Pompey to drink in a whites-only saloon. Near the end, Pompey saves his master from a fire. It’s clear Pompey both fears and loves Tom, and he mourns when Tom dies. All of this is peripheral to the main story of Tom’s showdown with bad guy Liberty Valance, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Pompey. I remember thinking: Lola is Pompey, Pompey is Lola..

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