Possible Bran foreshadowing?

tpelzytpelzy Dallas
edited July 2017 in Game of Thrones
The past week I've been getting back into the couple GoT podcasts that I listen to and during a discussion about Bran I was reminded of this scene. 

"So is this the sort of story that you like?" Looking at that scene with season 7 eyes makes it look at lot like foreshadowing. We know that Bran eventually plugs into the Weirwood Net in Winterfell. Wouldn't it be cool if Bran goes back in time to the Long Night? Perhaps he could try to stop the White Walkers. He's already had one revelation about the WWs, and now him and the Night King are somehow linked. I just wanna see a WW riding an ice spider.

What do you guys want to see in Bran's visions?
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