Bald Move Diplomacy, Game 3: Baldprint for Armageddon

WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
I've been listening again to the Blueprint for Armageddon episodes of Hardcore History and it's giving me the Diplomacy itch. We (myself and other members of the Bald Move forums) played a couple of games last year, and now I'm hoping to start another one. If you're unfamiliar with the game, here's a brief description from - the website where we will be playing:

"It's a multiplayer, web based implementation of the turn based strategy game Diplomacy by Avalon Hill, in which you have to try and conquer Europe. To win you have to be strategic and diplomatic, making deals and alliances with other players, and stabbing them in the back when it suits you best."

Here is a breakdown of the rules, in detail.

So who's in? All are welcome, don't hesitate just because you're a newcomer/rookie. Seven players are needed to start with a full game, but we can start with fewer if we need to do so. I will edit this main post with the details of the game and how to join once it's created.


  • I am happy to be an alternate. if you get 7 people then let im cool being left out. but if you need a player then ill play. 
  • !
  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    Alright, so far we have.... 3 players. Haha. Perhaps GoT season wasn't the best time to try to start this? Hopefully there is more interest. Playing with a full 7 people is extremely fun.
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