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Anyone on the forum using ?

Im on trakt at if you want to add me or see a overview of a user page

For those that havent seen this website it automatically tracks your video and movie viewing if you running kodi (xbmc), plex, mediaportal. From there you can see statistics, see your video collection, what friends are watching, upcoming shows, shows related to what you like, and heaps more.

Check it out =D


  • I signed up. I'll spend the evening getting it going.
  • I will check it out, I was on Get Glue for quite awhile but then they got too big and different so I left. I have a windows phone so I have ad app called TV Shows that I use to track my shows, I see if they have an app for my phone. 
  • Nice one @steph_b & @SheIsGeeky if you need any help with it just let me know =)
  • Thanks, @phil_neko ! I'll check back in when I get my profile up and going
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    I use it all the time. It's fantastic. I was using episode tracker but you can only add 20 shows at a time. well fook that!  

    I wish there were more ways to see the shows on a calender - like weekly or monthly.
  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
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    Been a user for quite some time.  I followed you there as well.

    How do you do most of your TV?  I'm using Kodi Helix via a raspberry pi.  Currently running Raspbmc, but will be switching to OSMC when I have the time to setup the raspberry pi 2.  
  • nice one @JoshTheBlack just followed back!

    My main setup is Kodi running on a Acer nettop, to a Windows Home Server machine running Sickbeard and a few other things to acquire shows.

    Kodi is great hey, just checked out OSMC which looks good i haven't heard of it before =)
  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
    OSMC is fairly new.  It is from the guy who built RaspBMC, but designed for more systems than the raspberry pi.  I used to have a Windows Home Server v1 (The Acer Easystore H340).  Still have the same hardware but I replaced the software with Amahi, a linux based home server.  IMO, it is much better than WHS (especially after WHS ditched storage pooling with 2011) but it requires a bit more savvy to troubleshoot issues.  The storage pooling works pretty well and is currently managing ~16TB of space (80% full).  If you are technically inclined or linux savvy I recommend you check it out.  

    Some of the pros include:  
    Large pool of free software to choose from (including sickbeard, sabnzbd, nzbget, couchpotato, and any other python based downloaders; rtorrent/rutorrent)
    Easy traffic tunneling via SSH for private internet traffic from work/coffee shop/etc
    Easy (but for pay) setup of common applications.  Most of which can be installed free with some effort.
    Drive pooling of different sized drives (google greyhole)
    Easy management via web browser
  • Trakt is great.  I've been using it over the past year or so.  You can go a little overboard collecting shows on it.  They don't have their own mobile app yet but I use iTV Shows and/or TeeVee.  They are both great.  The makers of TeeVee are actually about to release a movie version called MooVee.
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