Top of the Lake Season 2

aberry89aberry89 California
edited July 2017 in General
First of all, had no idea we would get a season two, that was a nice surprise today. Second of all, the cast - Elizebeth Moss returns with Nicole Kidman and Gwendoline Christie. :D  I really, really dug the first season - love Jane Campion. I really hope Holly Hunter comes back too, she was such a weird awesome character. Crossing my fingers, but this seems to be a completely new case and story. 

Gotta say, you killing the female lead, crime dramas BBC, DAYUM. 



  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Definitely looking foward to the return of the show.  Jane Campion is amazing.
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Just started S2 finally. 

    It's different, but I still like it a couple episodes in. I'm a bit unclear why she's suddenly having these dreams about motherhood, and man - her daughter is a frustrating character.

    I'm a little ticked about Johnno - her boyfriend from Season 1. He seemed like a slacker, but a genuinely good person who loved her. The actor was good too, and I knew him from The Bridge. Suddenly in S2 he turns out to have been a philandering goofball and it's a different actor. I didn't even understand what I was watching at first. Seems like they did this just so they could explain why she's single, but I don't know why they even needed to show that onscreen. 
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