Atomic Blonde

Pretty darn entertaining and good 1980s atmosphere. Just don't think about motivations and the sequence of events after the movie's over. From the guys' podcast description about this looks like we came to the same conclusion.


  • Agreed, I like seeing the long cut action sequences that John Wick seems to have brought back into fasion. So much better than the cutcuthitcutcutbangcutcutbanghitcut that seemed to take over in the last decade.

    I think I appreciate it more from a filmmaking perspective than plot or story flow. Just thinking about how much practice and planning that goes into a 2-3 minute continuous high intensity action scene makes me really appreciate the effort (and CT noticably gives it her all). Would love to see the Atomic Blonde/John Wick crossover...

    Music was good, and good use of the slightly off-kilter German 80's rock covers.

    Plot made sense to me as long as you come at it from the "Everybody's a spy and is going to triple cross everybody three times over" . It can be a bit hard to follow motivations, but I think that's part of the point, to make you feel a little off balance of where the player's aliegences lie.
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    Here be spoilers

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    I don't think there's any way to reconcile the East German extraction of Spyglass. Lorraine should be blown as Satchel by Spyglass, he knows the list. She should be trying to kill him by all rights. Also, if Lorraine was a KGB asset the much higher percentage play for everyone involved was to have her eliminate Percival and Spyglass and take care of the list in one fell swoop. Perceval should have known that, and the fact he was willing to trust the KGB and they actually went along with his plan was pretty unbelievable.
  • Unless the list shows she's the triple agent American CIA agent, then she's back to being the 'good' guy. And then she knows that spyglass knows. But yeah, Percival would have likely told the KGB that. But he was more interested in maintaining the 'balance' than favoring one side over the other, so I can go with it.
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    Based on the actions 3 days later in Paris, it doesn't seem like the Russians suspected Lorraine was anything but the happy Satchel double agent who they were going to dispose of, so doesn't seem like Percival told if that information was in the list.  

    The sequence of events just doesn't make a lot of sense- the combination of the KGB really trying to kill Lorraine and Spyglass in East Germany along with a meet in Paris 3 days later as if nothing bad has happened fails logic as far as I can tell.  Like the KGB should have really thought they should have been able to tell HER to eliminate Spyglass, forget Percival and the goons, she's their operative, right?  So why are they really trying to kill her?  That wasn't playacting.
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