Season 3

Trailer is out.


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Dang. Cool. Thanks for posting that. 
  • Narration is from the Leonard Cohen song Democracy.
  • Looks promising as expected. Are we moving into the purge/anarchy phase of the show? This was the kind of thing I thought would happen last season, instead of the weekly "is any of this real" song and dance we got last year. The addition of Bobby Carnavale should be interesting. It'll be the first I've seen him playing a part of substance. Lot of questions need to be answered or Esmail could be looking at a "Lost" type disillusionment among his fan base. i know I'll keep watching, maybe I'm just hoping it keeps the guys interested so they continue covering the show.
  • @adobo1148 Esmail has a "5 year/season" arch I believe so this should be the "main line" as far as story goes. I'd be happy if he gets to complete his "vision" as this far outside of a few hiccups it's been a great show. Unfortunately for them it's a very popular on the interwebs, so people have hiveminded the ish out of it since season one (takes away some of the surprise when so many smart folks are thinking about every angle).
  • Looks good.

    Did Esmail both write and direct every episode like last year?

    I have mixed feelings about that... maybe wouldn't if season 2 hadn't been hit and miss.

    Either way, the powers that be have put together a bitchin trailer.

    I'm sure Reddit has analyzed the shit out of it by now.
  • Just had to say that I'm so excited! :)
  • @Suza271 Esmail directed every episode last year; he did not write every episode, though. He wrote about half of them, which was enough for A.Ron to assume that he wrote the whole thing when making episode threads - as a result, "Written and directed by Sam Esmail" became a minor running joke around here during season 2.

    From what I've heard, season 3 will follow the same pattern - he directs all of it and writes some of it. I'm nervous about the direction of the show after season 2, but they've said that this will be a more plot-driven season compared to the (hit and miss) character-building approach of season 2, which is promising.
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