Spoilers for GOT 7:4 Littlefinger is the 'Gollum' of the series.

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We all know about GRRM's love of "The Lord of the Rings" and with that in mind, Bran's reaction to being presented with the dagger and his subsequent recital of Littlefinger's mantra:"Chaos is a ladder" got me thinking. It would appear that Bran *knows* Littlefinger and understands his motivations in a way that even Sansa can only guess at. So, in light of everything he knows, why not reveal Littlefinger's machinations to the rest of the Stark's and cut him off? This reminded me of Gandalf's discussion of Gollum with Frodo :
"He hates and loves the Ring, as he hates and loves himself. He will never be rid of his need for it." (Gandalf about Gollum) 
"It's pity Bilbo didn't kill him when he had a chance!" (Frodo) 
"Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death. And some that died deserve life. Can you give it to them Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many." (Gandalf)
Power is Littlefinger's ring and he is compelled to seek it out inspite of the dangers it brings. Bran may suspect that this odious little man will play a fairly big part in the way things are resolved, which outweighs the advantage of being rid of him presently.


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    I like this! However I too have thought about whether we might have a "Gollum" in ASOIF and I think Theon/Reek is also in the running to play a role like that.

    It would be poetic if after all of his scheming Littlefinger met his demise by doing something to somehow sacrifice himself rather than see Sansa be killed or something like that. But the more I think about it and the more I think about the evolution of Sansa's character, I don't want to see her devolve into a "damsel in distress" who gets rescued by her mentor/user/lover.

  • I see where you're coming from with Theon as Gollum but I think Theon's sacrifice will have more intent and personal connection than Gollum's. Littlefinger, in my opinion, will unwittingly do some good as he seeks to serve his own interests. Like Gollum I imagine him reaching for the prize, over-extending himself and falling to his fiery end.
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    I think Bran is biding his time with Littlefinger.
  • I think Bran is biding his time with Littlefinger.

    Yeah I think so too. He is the real puppet master. Littlefinger is out of his depth for possibly the first time.

  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    Dial888 said:

    I think Bran is biding his time with Littlefinger.

    Yeah I think so too. He is the real puppet master. Littlefinger is out of his depth for possibly the first time.

    I mean, unless someone tells Littlefinger than Bran has these visions, LF could very well just think Bran has run into Varys on his travels and Varys warned him about LF. 
  • In retrospect Littlefinger miscalculated in not actively courting magical characters earlier like Varys did with Dany. Political calculations don't mean shit to psychics and shapeshifter assasins.
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    IRL I'm a political professional but I agree the art and magic of politics pales in comparison to greensight and Faceless Man stuff lol.
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