Size of Drogon vs. Balerion the Dread (minor book spoilers and what not)

So I went on a little google journey last night to see how Drogon stacks up against Balerion. This guy took the time to compare images and came up with Balerion being the length of two football fields by the time he died:

Apparently, Balerion represents the biggest known dragon in existence, and there were a few others close in size. But I like the idea of Balerion being of average size considering the Targeryans were considered a minor house. I really hope we get some kind of media that explores Valeria (the ruins or in it's heyday), and puts to bed just how big a dragon can possibly get. The thought of Euron rolling up on a skull that's the size of his ship would suffice. Discuss.


  • wow, and i thought i was a pedantic nerd.
  • I really need to find where it say that dragons grow till they die.
  • All i know is Drogon is M-M-M-M-M-MASSIVE! and there's nothing saying he's finished growing. We saw Balerion's skull the previous week. 
  • Drogon's head looks about the same size as that skull to me. The show may have just made it smaller for their own reasons though.
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    The bottom image here is from the World of Ice and Fire book, so it's as 'official' of an image as you'll get of Balerion. I'm not seeing a huge difference here when comparing the ratio size of the human and the dragon.

    There is some fan art that makes Balerion look like the size of godzilla, but.. fan art.

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    I don't know. I'll bet if you put that aegon next to that dany, it's probably 1:1. If that's correct, then that Balerion could bite that Drogon's head clean off.
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    The Balerion image head is larger looking because it's closer perspective to the "camera", while the Drogon image is from the side. Aside form the head, they look the same size. And humans are within a foot of the same size each other, unless you're comparing the Mountain to Arya and they're within 2 feet of each other, so the ratio is assumed to be around a 1:1 like you said.

    Also the design of the Dragon that the Game of Thrones artists went with makes Drogons head the same size around as his neck. Actually slightly smaller than his neck. So the head size isn't a good relation to the size of the dragon from other dragon art.
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    Also, I feel like this conversation is hitting the "Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency - Mean Jerk Time" scene from Silicon Valley season 1 finale.

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