307 - Chapter Thirty Three

Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown


  • trippytrippy Saint Louis
    The theme for this episode - 'Don't Sneeze!'
    Nothing says 'This situation is serious' like a corpse on the floor.
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    Just listening to the podcast on this now, but THANK YOU JIM. When we see the girl crossing the street on Doug's computer I screamed ZOE?!?!. It was almost like the I Am Legend moment when Will Smith's character is driving and we see what seems like the manican turn its head toward him ,and we're not sure if that just really happened... Was the girl who crossed the street meant to look just like her or maybe was this just an oversight on casting? If they did that just to mind fuck us, Touche HOC. 
    "The mouse lady had kind eyes"
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