The Bureau

The Bureau is one of those shows that begs for water cooler talk and I'm not even sure why aside from the fact that it's exceptional TV. If you like international thrillers (about spies) that keeps you guessing, on the edge of your seat, and feeling like an hour went by in the blink of an eye than this show's probably for you. 
The Bureau doesn't spell everything out for the audience and the writers do not spoon feed viewers. In other words, you'll have to decide the meaning behind certain events which must be why I want to talk about it with other people so badly by the end of an episode. 
Be for warned it's French so sub-titles are it. It's already nearing the end of season 3 so let's see if I'm the only person on Bald Move watching The Bureau before I write more. A Sundance original series @ and also found on Amazon. 


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  • akritenbrinkOh, man. If you love spy stuff you're in for a treat. It's a new thing for me so if you have any spy film recommendations please do share your thoughts. The Bureau is a so very clever, yet completely plausible storyline with such character depth you'll easily grow to love them good and bad alike. Anyway, please let us know what you think of it. 
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  • Thanks Angie, I'll be sure to check out your recommendations. I have seen and liked very much, Homeland and The Americans. I'm a huge Homeland fan. :) There was a gorgeous spy mini-series titled The Night Manager with Hugh Laurie that if you haven't already seen it you must! Well, after The Bureau of course. ;-) 

    The Night Manager has better (gorgeous) cinematography but,The Bureau has more depth and more realistic characters and more in depth spy stuff. I enjoyed both very much but The Bureau makes me think more about what things mean where as The Night Manager was sheer entertainment bliss. 

    TTYS I hope! 
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