Next Episode Title and Production Leaks *SPOILER WARNING*

I swear to the Seven that I am unspoiled for production leaks and am trying very hard to avoid them (I also listen to A Storm of Spoilers podcast and jump off before the second half when they do discuss all spoilers including the production leaks on that show). I did hear on another recap podcast that wasn't supposed to have production spoilers that next week's episode is called "The Blood of the Dragon". If it just has to do with the Stargaryen reveal then I will be happy, but is anyone else worried it might pertain to the death of one of the dragons, or perhaps we get a dragon downed and Stargaryen reveal in the same episode because we know they like their double meanings for titles. I know a lot of people have a strong premonition (or have been spoiled and are trying to pass it off as prediction) that a dragon is going to be killed. I really hope they don't do this. I know it would be a gut punch in a show that likes to deliver gut punches, and this show likes to show the reality of warfare and life and death, but if it is either Rhaegal or Viserion who goes down it feels like crummy storytelling because we've barely seen these two on screen (especially in the latter seasons) or gotten to know them as "characters" the way we have with Drogon. And if Drogon gets it, that's just going to be too much. Plus I just don't like how that destroys the symmetry. being left with 2 dragons instead of 3 feels like having a 3 legged table that has lost one of its legs (the dragon has 3 heads). What's the point of the dragon having 3 heads if one of them is going to get lopped off before the end of the story? If we want to take a deep dive into the lore and canon, then I guess GRRM/DDs might be planning this to mirror the fall of Meraxes and her rider.

Anyway wanted to see what people might be thinking about this and if anyone else is suffering from Mother of Dragons anxiety. Do you think we have a chance to end to the end with 3 dragons alive and intact?


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    The next episode is called Eastwatch and that is all that has been officially released.

    If there is an episode later this season titled "The Blood of the Dragon" then I think the podcasts that you listen to don't do a very good job of separating the spoiler from non spoiler sections.
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